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    Roxio Media Capture Failing To Load

    actually i posted here on accedent i had a few tabs open in fourms reading some stuff so sorry and didnt mean to insult anyways and also the screen shot of the modul is from a friend of mines he had the exact same problem but his computer didnt freeze but im getting the exact same screen and if i try to change it from hdmi it freezes it like loads a bit then freezes and i was going to deleate the post and repost it in the right spot but i went away and then refreshed the page and had 2 post from you guys ;p
  2. BySpeedster

    Roxio Media Capture Failing To Load

    ok i have tryed everything i have looked around the fourms at everything Jim hardin and others have said i even just yesterday night reset my computer and i also did a proper repair 3 times still nothing working this is all im getting is this once i open up the capture module and get this i give it about a few seconds then it freezes my whole computer and it is saying hdmi but i have componet this ran fine before but this is just crazy please can someone help me its been 4 days also just in case im asked
  3. BySpeedster

    Roxio Media Capture Failing To Load

    you sound stupid u dont know what im having a problem with its so many diffrent things that keep happening to it when i try to record so stick to your own threads
  4. BySpeedster

    Roxio Media Capture Failing To Load

    Ok i tryed service pack i tryed updateing the drivers unpluging it so many times just so much it was giving me some green text saying no signal it was supose to be red i just got this computer and on my last one it worked fine this is what happens i open up the program click the capture button from the main thing where it ask's capture or editing then the module loads up and is very laggy and is taking a while to even load up then when it dose it messes up with no signal when everything is correct and if its fine and dosnt do that it shows everything but the record green button and livestream are both grey and it shows my tv screen and says ready but my computer freezes or gives me a blue screen crashing please someone help me