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    Livestreaming Problems

    Hey everyone .. I finally found a loophole! Here's a video tutorial I made, hope it helps you guys!
  2. jonsikora58

    Livestreaming Problems

    Why should I have to ask for something that should be done automatically? Roxio's obviously slacking and leaving their community in the cold. Why is this even an argument, can't somebody from Roxio just do something about it?
  3. Your sarcasm isn't appreciated, as this is a serious problems I've had for months on end.
  4. jonsikora58

    Livestreaming Problems

    Is it honestly that hard to get a team working on a small patch? Judging by the looks of things, work hasn't been done for Roxio Game Cap's in quite some time ...
  5. Well, myguggi, I DID say why it doesn't work, as clearly stated in the first few sentences of my "useless rant". Hmmm .. must not be useless if such a large group of people are having the issue. But, if you want me to put everything on a silver platter, the path to twitch.tv is broken. The coding is still accustomed to justin.tv settings, which is way out-of-date. Roxio needs to get a hold of Twitch, and actually put out a patch that does something. God, you and all the other vets with tens of thousands of posts are suspiciously pro-Roxio ....
  6. Hi. I've owned a Roxio since August of 2013. I've surfed hundreds of Roxio forums looking for a single answer, but have been disappointed every time. I've finally come to a conclusion, and if you hear me out, you'll learn something. In mid-December, Twitch.Tv changed its stream settings, which threw both Happauge and Roxio's software out-of-whack. As you'd expect any company to do, Happauge promptly updated their software, while Roxio sat back and watched gamers everywhere become frustrated. A forum poster by the name of Jim_Hardin has attempted to provide support to many users, in fact, nearly 33,000 posts worth. I've read almost ALL of his posts. They're nothing more than snide comments against helpless users convincing them that it's a problem with their computer, their Roxio unit, or their internet. NEVER has he said it's a problem with Roxio. I'm starting to get fed up with this guy, in fact, I hope he sees this. I hope he knows how I see him. I assume he's collaborating with Roxio, if not working for them, to steer the company clear of any problems. I've sent several emails to their so-called "Award Winning Customer Service", only to be left out in the cold with no reply every time. Roxio simply dropped support for their capture devices and software, and choose to lie about it instead of take action and put their claims into action. If you're having problems livestreaming, don't worry, it's 100% NOT YOU. Roxio is at fault here. I don't care if this gets taken down, I'll keep posting this until it is seen. I hope Roxio sees this, I hope Jim_Hardin sees this, I hope everyone sees this. The truth needs to be told.