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    Takes Hours To Convert To Dvd

    Yes, using software rendering did the job. Took it 1 hour to render a 30 minute video...with the enhancements. Started the process again last night using the same base video using hardware rendering, and , after 2 hours and showing around 30% to 40% completed (I don't remember exactly, I was tired.), I just went to bed. So, I guess that I'll be using the "Lights Off Manufacturing" method when doing full-length movies. My initial mistake here was not understanding the true nature of having multi-core processors and what they do versus an application that *MUST* be coded and built to use more than one core at a time, which this program is not. The hardware-rendered version seems to have a slightly better quality, but that was, and intentionally so, a very old and "noisy" video to remake. I wanted to see what my new toy could do. :-) So, this "problem" seems to be just a giant figment of my disillusioned expectations of both my own system and the software's capability. You have both been very patient and helpful. Heck, I even learned a few things! Thank you both for your help.
  2. DaddyM0E

    Takes Hours To Convert To Dvd

    Okay, I'm going to give you my steps and what it wants to do. If my answer is overly-verbose, I'm just trying to help you folks help me. Launch Easy vhs to dvd program. Start playing vhs tape. Click the "record" button in the vhsdvd program and wait for the movie to be over. Stop recording the tape. I can now alter the video with the "video enhancements" options, which I do. At this point, the recorded movie is still in MPG format and only 1.81GB in size. Next step is to export to whatever device type I want. Ipod, Android, Facebook, youtube, etc. I chose DVD. Insert blank DVD media. It begins to "convert" it, cleaning the audio first, which only take a few minutes. Then the long wait begins until the full file is ready to burn onto DVD and once done, is now a 2.1GB file playable by any standard DVD player. I hope that all helps. If not, I'm sure *somebody* will straighten me out. :-)
  3. DaddyM0E

    Takes Hours To Convert To Dvd

    touché', Jim. What I am trying to do is Take old VHS tapes and convert to DVD. That simple. But, you also have no idea what config settings I have checked, etc. So, here is what I have it set for.EasyVHS2DVD.txt With my luck I have something silly checked off that is seriously detrimental to a timely conversion. Used software last night on that 30 minute file (Took exactly an hour), going to use hardware tonight and see how far apart they are.
  4. DaddyM0E

    Takes Hours To Convert To Dvd

    Jim, after a small bit of research that I most assuredly should have done earlier, I must humbly apologize for my lack of knowledge. You are correct. I only have a 2.66GHz processor. Heh! And here I thought I knew everything. I now understand what the true nature of multi-cores are and I will never again make that error of assumption. Although, it *does* make me want to bang my head against the wall a few times. Multicores really only help if the program USES a multi-thread operation, and I don't see Roxio doing that. Okay, on with the show. Yes, I do need to get you some run times. Let me try to convert using software just to be done with the current project, then I will go back and re-process using hardware and I'll give you the data.
  5. Good day, People. I have a *MONTSER* system and it takes HOURS to code a 31 minute, 1.81 (That's one POINT eight one Gig) file, copied from VHS to DVD. Task manager only shows a 10% usage of the CPU during this process for the application. Here are my specs Any Idea how to crank his baby up a few notches? Roxio.rtf
  6. DaddyM0E

    Easy Vhs To Dvd 3 Plus No Longer Works

    Had same issue, even tried the "Advanced Uninstall" from a 3rd party software. After tying to reinstall, fresh, but NO reboot, it came up normally, but I didn't try to do anything with it. instead, I rebooted, came back in, found TWO install dates, 1/10/2014 and 2/11/2014 in the ...[logged in account]\appdata\local\Corell_corporation folder. deleted the old one, 1/10/2014 and edited the newer USER.CONFIG file with Notepad and found the "Last Project Name" value, and made the space between <value></value> to be nothing...much like it I typed. The program, no mater how hard one might try, seems to want to hang onto that last bit of info, so, start the program again, Use the FILE menu and delete any old projects, **THEN** IMPORT the project again. Should work for others as well, preferably before going through all the uninstall, reinstall, clear, wipe nonsense , might even work without ever uninstalling if you wipe the CONFIG file empty on the value of "Last Project" as NULL..... blank as above.