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  1. Hi Team, Problem solved! It is the S_Video connector to the Roxio Device that is faulty. I changed the SCART Adaptor Lead to one with a Composite Video Connector instead and it works perfectly. However, the picture quality is no as good so I am going to ask Roxio to ship me a replacement Adaptor to replace the one with the faulty S-Video Adaptor. I just hope that they will test it and prove that it is working before they send it. Thanks for the help. It is much appreciated. DCCDave,
  2. Thanks for that. I'll have a look at the SCART Adapters. DCCDave
  3. Further to my last post I am wondering if the problem is with the PAL Format being output? I know that the video signal tends to go B&W if the wrong format is set in the device. I cannot see how to change the format to PAL within Easy VHS to DVD for Mac hardware or software. DCCDave
  4. Hi Team, I am having the same problem except that the video output is B&W and no sound at all. My Mac is late 2013 with the top of the range spec. I am using the latest version of Easy VHS to DVD for Mac, received yesterday from Roxio. I have had to buy a new Two-Way adaptor lead this morning to replace the One-Way lead that I had to go from the VCR (Panasonic NV-FJ620B) SCART to S-Video and Audio. This is a Maplins L28AJ. Any suggestions how I can get the Colour Back and the Sound, please? DCCDave