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  1. We have been running Roxio Creator 9 and 10 for a years but now they are gettiing a script error and crashes It is cause by the mshtml.dll The only way it will work is to disconnect the ethernet cable because when it starts it must be going to a website and failing. I disable updates on Roxio (when I had the ethernet unplugged) and it still has the issue. Any workarounds besides unplugging the network cable? The Script error goes to the following website. ; http://roxiocentral.roxio.com/enu/emc/V09_rox/welcome.html?prod=25&psv=rxc&lang=enu&tla=hpb&cdk=ST-2VRCS-C79T3-QH8ZU&ext1=hpd&kid=58&kn=Easy%20Media%
  2. George I

    Roxio Creater V9 Or V10 Crashing

    Roxio, You can have a website recognize IE versions and redirect to other sites. Its a no-brainer for web developers. We paid for these OEM versions in the purchase of the computer. I will call HP about this issue you created. Otherwise, supply a DLL that has a alternative website. Just saying....
  3. George I

    Roxio Creater V9 Or V10 Crashing

    OK. that makes sense. The Roxio Creator Business HD (v10) only appears to work on Windows 7 with the newer IE browsers. That is why I am having issues with ALL Windows XP computers running Roxio. Its stupid to cause older versions to fail (or even tie into the internet) since many people cant afford to upgrade. Roxio causes other issues on some PCs which we had to fix in the past.. This is how you get a bad reputation.
  4. George I

    Roxio Creater V9 Or V10 Crashing

    Brendon, I think Roxio changed the webpage that this DLL accessed to force people to buy a new product. I went through the registry to see if there is any entry that points to a URL but found nothing. Your post is the erroe I was talking about - THANK YOU Roxio should be ashamed of themselves for destrying 3 products that are still used on HP computers.
  5. George I

    Roxio Creater V9 Or V10 Crashing

    In case you want to know these PCs are all HP Microtower Business PCs dc5700 - dc5800
  6. George I

    Roxio Creater V9 Or V10 Crashing

    I am using Roxio Creator 10 but it is also not working on other computers in other buildings using Roxio Creator 9 amd Roxio Creator 8 I am using windows XP but I dont't belive that matters sing its a MSHTML.DLL and seams to be doing something on the internet which is why it works without the internet cable. I am using IE8 , in case yiou wanted to ask. I also have the updates for Roxio turned off in the Roxio Options I cant be the only person experiencing the issue because I know 4 people now that have the EXACT SAME ISSUE I would show a screen shot but i failed to get it to work in this page.