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    Audio Capture Saves Short Amount Of Song.

    I just looked at my RAM sticks. The manufacturer is Gold Bond... I am a pacifist. Therefore, you are both right. Thanks for playing!
  2. matmyers

    Audio Capture Saves Short Amount Of Song.

    Well. I am willing to listen to any other suggestions as to why it seems better now. Symptoms: Song plays through from first note to last. Both level bars respond to entire song. Audio capture detects 1.3 second silence and starts processing song information. New song starts playing and both level bars record from first note to last. First song continues processing (approximately 4-5 seconds to complete). Audio capture exports song. I open song file and check properties. 4 minute song shows as 46 seconds. I listen with 3 different players and all three play the 46 second song. Other song files record entire song and cut off the last few phrases during export. These songs do not have a break at the end that would cause the program to detect a 1.3 second pause. Accurate full song completion rate is 4%. A majority of that 4% are songs that are 3:36 or less in length. I rebooted the computer several times and got no favorable results. The only change made to the computer was 2 more gigabytes of RAM. Logic, or coincidence. The problem seems to be solved.
  3. matmyers

    Audio Capture Saves Short Amount Of Song.

    It did capture correctly. I copy to an external drive. Regular maintenance (almost OCD). Malwarebytes Pro. I seemed to have solved the problem. I added another 2G of RAM and it is working like a charm. My guess is that the RAM couldn't hold the file long enough to process before the next song came through.
  4. I am recording internet radio with Easy Audio Capture (NXT Pro 2). It records the entire song, stops recording at the end of the song, exports, and retrieves the correct gracenote info. The song gets tagged properly. All this is correct, I know. The problem is that it either cuts off the last 5-10 seconds of the song, or turns a 3 minute song into a 46 second song and loses the rest. When I watch the export, the song length is correct. Does anyone know why this happens? Suggestions for a fix?