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    How Do You Make Chapters

    Thanks man - I'll give that a try. I used to be able to do this no probs on my older Roxio.
  2. Jorrox

    How Do You Make Chapters

    I've been puzzling on this for a couple of days trying to work out how to put a chapter/other marker on an old band video that I've ripped so I can skip to the next song. From what I see above, that can't be done. Am I right, or is there a way? Thanks.
  3. Thanks for that. I still have an older version on another computer. But that's more trouble than doing it two-by-two!
  4. Folks - on NXT2 I'm having problems that I never had on earlier versions. Let's say I have 10 tracks to run through the Music ID prior to exporting them. On all other versions I've used, Roxio would process all 10 tracks in one go. On NXT2 it seems to only do two at a time and skips past the others. I can do two at a time no problem but if I do more than that, it doesn't work. Any suggestions? Thanks
  5. Jorrox

    Unable To Open Easy Audio Capture

    I'm having something similar. Only with EMC 10. This just started a couple of days ago. Capture would load but wouldn't operate. And now, on loading, it sits on the taskbar (I'm using XP) but won't come to life - if you know what I mean. It just sits there and does nothing! I have deleted and re-loaded my EMC10 but it's still the same. Any ideas?