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  1. Worked this time I installed Windows 8.1 from scratch again and installed all device drivers and updates, then from an account with Administrator rights installed NXT 2 Pro. I didn't take the option to check for updates and the install went in clean, tested with the USB video grabber from Easy VHS to DVD 3 and that captured video fine. Hope this may help others.
  2. So, Windows 8.1 has gone live today. The question is do I attempt to reinstall it again and then try installing NTX 2 or do I wait for a few weeks to see if Roxio announce any updated versions/patches/workarounds (do they ever formally announce updates?)
  3. plusmore

    Capturing Widescreen Video

    Thanks - I'll give that a go
  4. plusmore

    Capturing Widescreen Video

    I am downloading a programme from my Sky+ satellite receiver using composite video (my model doesn't have S-VHS), the programme is recorded in widescreen but there seems to be no option to select the aspect ration in the recording. Haven't got as far as transferring to DVD yet, most often I just play the downloaded file on my laptop and don't copy to DVD. I do this as I travel a lot and it gives me a video to watch in my hotel room and not to pirate films I should make clear. I know I can use Cyberlink PowerDirector to change the aspect ratio and re-render the file but was wondering if I can do it in Roxio (either Easy VHS to DVD Plus or NXT 2 - I have both). I seem to remember reading that it is a setting somewhere in the video stream that specifies the aspect ratio but I'm not technical enough to know what that means or if it can be changed.
  5. plusmore

    Capturing Widescreen Video

    I have NXT Pro 2 as well, can you give me a hint on what I can do so I can try? Thanks
  6. When I capture a widescreen video source the resulting file has a 4:3 rather than 16:9 ratio. How can I fix this? Thanks, Peter
  7. Thanks Jim - do you know if it will be possible to get my installation count reset to 1? Peter
  8. Oh well, as no one seems to have any ideas and I can't raise a call with Roxio technical support as they didn't provide a support code when I registered the software nor responded to my request for one when I raised a ticket with them (01888207) I have had to remove and reinstalled Windows 8.1 one last time (failed again) so put Windows 7 back on to the computer. Needless to say the installation went straight through. The pain is that I have used up 5 or 6 of the possible installations so I am wary about ever trying Windows 8 again as I am likely to exceed my maximum number of installations - this is a test machine so gets rebuilt several times a year - is there any way that I can get the counter reset to 1? Windows 8.1 hits the streets in the next couple of weeks - I wonder if that means that everyone purchasing NXT 2 for a new computer after then is going to have the same problem? Maybe then Roxio will address the issue.
  9. I have worked through that topic and none of it applies to my system, what is also odd is that I had the previous version of NXT installed and that was no bother. I bought the new version, uninstalled the old version and now can't install the new vesion. I have run the Microsoft Program Install and Uninstall Troubleshooter followed by CCleaner to ensure that all traces of any previous programs have been removed from the registry. Baffled at the moment.
  10. I work for a Microsoft Partner and as such have MSDN access, MS made the RTM version available to MSDN users prior to it being a downloadable update for everyone. Peter
  11. I am trying to install NXT 2 Pro and getting an interrupted error after which the installation rolls back. In the setup log there is a line that says Action InstallActions.EMC_14X.Install failed with exit code 1603. I am running Windows 8.1, I am logged on as the Administrator and I have disabled Windows Defender (new laptop, will put a proper antivirus on later). The machine is a Dell XPS15 (i7 8GB RAM 512GB SSD hard disk) so should be powerful enough. I have attached the log files - can anyone advise how to fix this? I have tried 4 times so far and I'm bothered my maximum install count is going to reached before I get the program installed! Peter LogFile 13-10-05 16-50.zip
  12. plusmore

    Seems To Capture, But Cannot Edit Or Export

    Very sorry - I am new to this and as I have exactly the same errors and could provide copies of exactly the same screen shots I thought it best to indicate that I have the same problem. I have always taken the approach that if a problem is a duplicate it is a waste of everyone's time to start a new thread that simply duplicates another thread. I didn't expect such a curt, if not rude slap in the face like that!!! I will now start a new thread which will have exactly the same screen shots and hope that is the correct forum etiquette on this board.
  13. plusmore

    Seems To Capture, But Cannot Edit Or Export

    Did you ever get an answer for this? I have exactly the same problem on my laptop when running Windows 8.1 (I have access via MSDN) however the same laptop dual boots into Windows 7 and there I don't have this issue. Laoptop has enough grunt (Dell XPS15, i7, 8GB RAM and SSD hard drive, Intel HD4000/Nvidia GT640M graphics card)
  14. plusmore

    High CPU in Roxwatch

    I have just installed EMC9 and found that Roxwatch is running with high CPU (up to 50%) which is causing a drag on my system. Any ideas why and how to fix?