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  1. Long time user of the Creator line. After upgrading to Win 10, I found it necessary to upgrade, as my version did not have the needed CD/DVD filters used to address the drives. Post installation, I noticed that my trusty older HP 8200 series scanner no longer worked. The issue seems to be stemming from a conflict between Creator NXT-3 and the driver/software used for the scanner in HP Solution Center. When C-NXT3 is installed, the scanner and Solution Center will start to acquire the image. At the end of the scan cycle, the application will crash with the following error message: HP Scan Application Resources has stopped working A problem has caused the program to stop working... My other newer scanner, an HP OfficeJet Pro 7780 has no issues. Remove C-NXT3 and the conflict resolves. Following, are the particulars: Windows 10 (Fresh install - NOT over older OS) Creator NXT-3 (Fresh install- again and again) HP Scanjet 8200 series (driver re-installed POST NXT3 install) HP Solution Center v (launchpad for suite of scan apps) and the HP CUE-Scanning Flow component hpqkygrp.exe" -m8200 (I suspect THIS is what NXT3 is conflicting with) The above should answer most of the basic questions.For more on the history, please see the following link to a previously posted thread: http://forums.support.roxio.com/topic/121664-creator-2010-se-and-windows-10-split-from-another-topic/ If anyone has experienced this or similar issues and has found a resolve, please let me know. Steve
  2. You make an excellent point. I was so focused on the potential driver issue, that I failed to check interactions with other applications. Since the presence of NXT3 that causes the software failure was limited to the just the one scanner, my focus was on the driver, rather the than the scan application itself. I did however test the scanner (and fail) with the limited scan only application that HP provides post HPPSDr diagnostics. I will look for installed applications that have the ability to acquire images via scanners. Which brings another thought, I don't remember whether I am using the native or TWAIN or other driver with this scanner. I simply installed it as I have many times previously an ran with it. If you know of any good dedicated scanning software or scanning suites, I would be interesting in looking at that route. On another system, I have tried various ones that were out there. NONE worked well and one or two worked so poorly, I removed them all and never looked back. I have had moderate success with PaperPort but did not like what it did with my file system. I purchased v 14 a while back and have yet to install it for hesitancy of same reason. Thank you for your help. This will be my last post here as I am splitting this thread to a more appropriate venue. As suggested, I will be creating a new thread in NXT 3, Program errors/crashes/hangs. I will edit this post to include a link after I have started the thread. Following is the link to the new thread: http://forums.support.roxio.com/topic/122068-scanner-failure-after-installing-creator-nxt-3-split-from-another-topic/
  3. No change, Scanner still crashes when Creator NXT 3 is installed. REMOVE it, and NO ISSUES with scanner. I HAVE however, used that technique of post re-install successfully elsewhere. Brendon, thank you for setting the record straight. The reason I am suspecting the issue is with a driver conflict between Creator and the specifically just ONE of my scanners, is that the program and other HP scanner works fine when C-NXT3 is installed. That's just not the scanner I use as it is a multi-function device that lacks the speed, resolution and accuracy of my once expensive (now dated) dedicated scanner. The reason I am so adamant about the Win 10 compatibility is that I both checked C-NXT3's compatibility BEFORE I purchased to make certain the issue with the CD/DVD drives was properly addressed and that NXT3 uses the newer style filters to address the drives. Here is a site that still remains on the 'net today that shows ver 3 is Win 10 certified. http://www.corel.com/au/corel-and-windows-10/ As the product developed and C-NXT4 superseded ver 3, they replace ver 3 on that info page. That doesn't mean that ver 3 LOST it's certification. Three times now, I have validated thru the sales/chat and with the assistance of tech support that C-NXT3 IS MOST DEFINITELY WINDOWS 10 compatible. Windows 10 is a fresh (two weeks) install and clean (not over any other OS). Creator NXT 3, is also a clean install on a newly formatted drive. The scanner is my trusty HP ScanJet 8200 series. I have used this successfully with many MS OSs. The software that is affected is HP's Solution Center which is also working for my much newer OfficeJet Pro 7780, (which seem unaffected) When Creator NXT 3 is installed on Win 10, the scanner will operate and the image is scanned into the Solution Center. At the end of the scan cycle, Solution Center crashes with the message: HP Scan Application Resources has stopped working A problem has caused the program to stop working... I use HP Print and Scan Doctor to diagnose and fix issues. It has ALWAYS worked in the past. HPPSdr is my goto with ANY printer or scanner hiccup! This time., no difference. It says there are no issues found.But once I remove Creator NXT 3, the scanner works without issue. Three days, two tech tickets, and a request from sales to escalate tech service, and still NO CONTACT from tech support... sad sad sad, for Corel. At this point, for the very few times I use Creator, it gets the back seat, NO INSTALL ON WIN 10! As soon as I can. I will add another drive with Win 7 to dual boot as I find Win 7 handles legacy programs MUCH better than Win 10. That's where Creator 2010 SE will go IF I can ever get a refund for NXT3 If anyone has experienced HP scanner driver issues and has a resolve, please let me know. Steve
  4. Per Corel's OWN website AND Sales Department, that is INCORRECT. See below: Per Chat with Sales Dindo Hi, I'm Dindo and welcome to Corel Chat Sales Support Services. For QA purposes and confirmation, your question is: Is Creator NXT 3 Compatible with Win 10? Dindo Yes, the Roxio Creator NXT 3 is compatible with the Windows 10 Per Corel's Website: Learn more about the products Corel has ready for Windows 10 Corel AfterShot Pro 2 Corel AfterShot 2 CorelCAD 2016 CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X8 CorelDRAW Technical Suite X7 (with Update 1) Corel Office Corel PaintShop Pro X8 Corel PaintShop Pro X8 Ultimate Corel Painter 2016 Corel Painter Essentials 5 Corel PDF Fusion (1.14) Corel Perfect Authority Corel VideoStudio Pro X9 Corel VideoStudio Ultimate X9 ParticleShop Pinnacle Dazzle DVD Recorder HD Pinnacle Studio 18.5 Pinnacle Studio 18.5 Plus Pinnacle Studio 18.5 Ultimate ReviverSoft PC Reviver ReviverSoft Registry Reviver ReviverSoft Start Menu Reviver ReviverSoft Driver Reviver (Including support for Windows 10 drivers) Roxio Creator NXT3 Roxio Creator NXT 3 Pro Roxio Easy CD & DVD Burning Roxio Easy LP to MP3 Roxio Game Capture So What goes??? STILL can't get through to Corel's Tech Support
  5. NOS C-NXT 3 Not sure if Pro. Not marked on box and NOT installed right now.. But it had all the bells & whistles of my previous Pro version. Menus looked identical.
  6. You MAY have missed what I said. It is NOT my CD/DVD drivers that ARE the issue OR failure. It is ONLY AFTER installing Creator that CREATOR interferes with the scanning. REMOVE CREATOR and REMOVE the problem. CLEAN (NOT over Win 7) and RECENT install of WIN 10 Now, HOW do I get a WORKING version of NXT!
  7. Hey Brendon, I hope you are still there. I am getting NOWHERE with technical support on a newly purchased and installed version of C-NXT. OK. I bit the bullet and upgraded so the CD/DVD drivers are recognized. Doesn't make much sense to have a media suite without working drives! I need this to work with Win 10 and gave up on the Dual boot. The following is from a chat session that got me NOWHERE! Been using Roxio Creator products for YEARS (even before Roxio acquired). Just upgraded to Win 10 which forced a Creator upgrade. Just installed a newly purchased C NXT and it is causing a conflict with my HP scanner software. Causes the scanning software to crash. Repeatedly re-installed drivers, same. UNINSTALLED Creator, all works fine. Your support page uses circular logic and I cannot get through to any support. Please help The newly installed NXT is somehow causing issues with one of my scanners (unfortunately, my older faster one that I use). I haven't even used any of Creator yet, but just it being installed causes the software to crash AFTER it acquires the image. The error I get states: HP Scan Application Resources has stopped working. After much adjustments to drivers etc AND using the magical HP Print and Scan Doctor (which has ALWAYS fix scan issues), I can get it to work sometimes just once, during the testing or maybe after. HPPSDr consistently says no issues found. Yet when I try to scan, CONSISTENTLY the app crashes. REMOVE C-NXT and NO PROBLEM! Can you shed some light on why C-NXT would even affect anything to do with scanners and their drivers??? Thanks in advance for your help. Steve
  8. Great! Sounds like a plan. I like the idea of keeping the OSs on separate physical drives rather than separate logical (partition) drives. Great idea. Since Win10 required my Win7 Key, I will try a fresh clean install of Win7 (Retail ver w/ Key) on a fresh HD. I hope I don't run into authentication issues to dual boot (using same Key). That should get me up and running again on Creator 2010 SE. Thanks again for your excellent guidance and knowledge! Steve
  9. Wow! Thanks for the fast feedback! I was just getting ready to install it on my laptop with Win 10 to try it there. No point now. I still have my partition for the intended Dual Boot. If I reinstall Win 7 (So BOTH OS are available), will I have to [re]install Creator 2010 for the Win 7 environment separately? I don't use Creator 2010 heavily, and I hate to have to be forced to upgrade to NXT4 for the same very occasional repetitive task that I have used it to do for years. If it can work on a dual boot system with Win 7, great. If not, NXT3 is still available at a reduced cost by some retailers. Can you tell me if that is Win 10 compatible? Tanks again.
  10. OK Brendon, This questions for you! I have been successfully running Roxio Creator 2010 Special Edition for many years and under many previous OSs with no need to upgrade to a later version... until now... maybe Creator is now unable to locate either of my optical drives with the error "No drive detected" in the Copy To drop down window. The drives ARE available and working with other software and there are no device drivers issues Here are the specifics: Roxio Creator 2010 Special Edition Version: 1.2.193 SP2; Build: 121B93AR05; 500B22A, R05 Roxio Common UI Framework Version: 1.8.3489.2383 Roxio Central Framework Version: 1.8.3543.39061 OS: Windows 10 Home (free upgrade from Win7) Version 1511 Build 10586.164 64 bit I have recently upgraded to Win 10. It was my intention to keep Win 7 (as dual boot) for just such possible compatibility issues, however Win Install did it's own thing and never installed in the separate partition. I have already tried running Creator in compatibility modes (Back to XP) with no success. I honestly can't recall if I ever successfully addressed the drives with Win 10. I have seen this posted as an issue with posts dating back to 2009, so I don't know if this is a [local] system issue or an OS related issue. Any suggestions? Thanking you in advance. Steve