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    Creator Classic

    If this is true.... if the classic is gone, Roxio will be gone for me too. Without the classic, where you could add things to a cd/dvd which was already burned, which can't be done with other software (as far as I know). This is hard to believe after so many years that I've used Roxio. An other software company that doesn't care about they're users or clients. Regards, Marja
  2. I'm still using Roxio Creator 2010, but I want to buy the latest version. I want to know if Creator Classic is still available in that new version, because I use the most that part of Roxio. Can anybody tell me if it's still there? Regards, Marja
  3. Marja

    How To Burn To Dubble Layer

    I've use "creator classic" application of Roxio. I just want to burn a dvd like that because of the size. Other dvd's can left open to burn new items later. But a double layer had to be closed. But even that was't good enough to burn it, 'cause after 1 minute the program stopt an show an error that the double layer could't be burn. I start with 5Gb burning, an had in mind to add more later. I did burn a large movie to a double layer before,but at that time I used the dvd burn program from Windows 7 pro, without any problems. I was very surprised Roxio couldn't do the job. Regards, Marja
  4. I've tried to burn my picture albums to a dubble layer dvd with Roxio creator 2010, but after 1 minute the program stopt telling me it wasn't possible to write to a dubble layer (8.5 Gb dvd). What can I do to burn a dvd like that? Regards, Mar