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  1. So I have found out the audio stops for a duration in the whole clip and then starts playing the audio its missed later on while in videowave. But this doesn't happen when I play the original recorded file with windows media play or any other player.. any thoughts?
  2. Hi all, Having some problems with the native audio of a clip. So the whole clip unedited is completely in sync but as soon as I trim/ split it at a point and delete any of the unwanted content it will start the audio from the beginning of the original whole clip where the split or trim begins. However the first trimmed clip is completely in sync. Can anyone please help? Thanks
  3. LJMnx

    Livestreaming Problems

    Just tried to add the Roxio gamecap HD PRO as a camera and it says I need a personal or premium licence to do this.. thats annoying :S Update: Alternatively: [/media][/media] Download is here: https://docs.google....YjhadndPRjB4aVk I have had no luck yet from using this method but you guys might as well give it a try
  4. ah i see, guess I'll have to wait for the update (that will probably never come!). Thanks for the help
  5. So it turns out that you have to change the video adapter (under settings then video) from your graphics card to "Windows Basic Render Driver" in order to display the content after using Ctrl + F to make it full screen. Only problem now is to actually make it fit the whole screen since it only take up a small part of it. Any suggestions? UPDATE: after trying to stream it I have realised that OBS shows that the content is there when you hover the preview over the roxio software when the roxio software is maximised and the OBS is as a smaller window. When you minimise the roxio software the preview shows nothing. Either way it doesn't show any of the content on twitch when its streaming. I'm not sure what else I can do..
  6. Thanks for the reply, I've gone through the set up for the OBS but all I am getting from the preview is a black screen.. do you know how to fix this?
  7. It appears that on the twitch app on android I can get audio from my mic off my laptop but no video.. if that helps at all..
  8. HI all, I am having some trouble with my getting my live stream to work on twitch. When I got the Roxio Game Capture HD PRO back in December I tried to live stream and all it got up to on the twitch was "loading video" until it changes to "offline" when on the program it says that I am still live streaming. I gave it a few more tries and it did work for a few second on one of my attempts before going back to its previous state of "loading video" followed by "offline". At the time I though it was due to my internet at home ( 6mb download/ 0.5mb upload) but now that I am back at uni (75mb download/ 8mb upload) I am having the same problem. I have tried uninstalling it all and restarting etc but it hasn't changed it. I have even tried someone else's disc.The software is uptodate. I have tried changing the quality but again it made no difference to the outcome. There isn't anything in the past broadcasts either. What I have noticed is that is in the options under Live streaming the "Channel" tab is empty (no options to select). Can anyone help?