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    Video's Play As Still Pictures Not Movies

    What I did, was click "Make a Photoshow", upload the video/'s and then before finalizing the project, when playing back it only shows a still image from each video. Right now, I just tried to make a new project using the same videos and this time I was going to finalize it and guess what- It's giving me a message that say's it cannot load the videos. Ha ha ha. That's it for me I think. Thanks for your help anyway DG. I appreciate your expertise and your help. Corel obviously doesn't care that this product doesn't work. It's not where they make their money I guess.
  2. aeromender

    Video's Play As Still Pictures Not Movies

    Yes indeed I'm using an HP laptop. The Quicktime version is 7.7.4. I updated it when checking and got the message that it was up to date. The video sizes vary but they are well under 50mb. I uploaded one video just a few seconds long and it played as a still just as multiple videos do. All of the video clips were taken using my Iphone5.
  3. I downloaded the Photoshow 6 software to my computer. I loaded some .MOV clips to a new project but they play as still images. Is this how the program is supposed to work? I expected that they would play as a movie, not a series of still pictures.