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    Frozen After Recording Mp4

    Ok so It seems it had a problem converting it to MP4 but after 2 hours of waiting I gave up and closed it in hope that the file would be usable in it's AVCHD format and....Thank god it is, I would ask if this was because my computer is awful and it couldn't convert 30 minutes of footage or was it just a random screw up? It seems this is unknown though as a few people came and left without a reply :L.
  2. 0Bennyman

    Frozen After Recording Mp4

    So I haven't recorded in MP4 before as I only realised about the update a few days ago and so I sat down and recorded 30 minutes of gameplay and hit stop capture, only to be met with it not responding now, I have waited about 20 minutes and still not responding. Is there a problem with long recordings with MP4? Because I didn't have this issue before. Or is it just gonna take a long time to like render or something (not sure how these things capture lol). EDIT: I just realised there is an AVCHD in use that is for this date and is after my test MP4 recording, is this related?
  3. 0Bennyman

    Update Coming Soon.

    I just got an update about fixed livestreaming, was that it or not? Because if it was it didn't fix it for me :L.
  4. I tried using this on Open Broadcaster but without success... Any ideas? On Skype it says that the device is being used by another software but I close everything that is using it :L
  5. 0Bennyman

    Ability To Change What File Save As?

    Umm the title? 'Ability To Change What File Save As?' So in simple words, Can I or Can I not change what the file saves as instead of 'AVCHD Video'?
  6. I am only able to edit in WMM and not any other program and I HATE video wave so that is WAY out of the option, any way to do this?
  7. Reinstall with virus off worked perfectly, thanks
  8. Ok I found a solution I guess, Instead of going max quality If I put it down to the bottom it looks completely fine but works :L Now it crashes whenever I click start capture...
  9. Just a couple of more images to show you my problem :L Should I try a reinstall?
  10. Processor AMD A6-4400M APU with Radeon HD Graphics Manufacturer AMD Speed 2.7 GHz Number of Cores 2 Video Card AMD Radeon HD 7520G Manufacturer ATI Chipset AMD Radeon HD 7520G Dedicated Memory 512 MB Total Memory 3.0 GB Memory 5.6 GB Operating System Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium Edition Service Pack 1 (build 7601), 64-bit Service Pack 1 Size 64 Bit Edition Home Premium Display Maximum Resolution 1600 x 900 DVD DiscSoft Virtual SCSI CdRom Device CD DiscSoft Virtual SCSI CdRom Device Drive 1 Size 912.8 GB Free 43.7 GB Drive 2 Size 18.4 GB Free 2.0 GB Drive 3 Size 98.0 MB Free 82.4 MB But like I said it worked completely fine before without any time of trouble, no lag on the computer and the videos come in absolutly fine with the odd flicker at the start.
  11. Umm, so I encountered this about a few hours ago, basically I have done a few repairs to try and fix but nothing, I have the picture fine on my TV but it is refusing to load anything on there, I have recorded a few thing perfectly fine but now it won't load settings and when I adjust slider it brings in a blurry picture that flickers to black and then back again constantly. :L As you can see I have no settings options and on the dropdowns they are just black empty spaces.