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  1. CDANTEEK, What OS are you running? I am running Windows 8.1 Pro. Are you having any problems? Carl
  2. the device is the same one that is in the picture above - "Video Capture USB" on back "UB3 15-E" #15088005262 Made in China. It is the driver that is Dazzle - see below. I just looked at the contents of the CD that installed the NXT2 Pro It has the following folders: ROX_Dazzle_VC_USB_X64 9/13/2013 in folder is Dazzle Video Capture DVC100 Driver ROX_Dazzle_VC_USB_X86 9/13/2013 (same) VIDEOCAP_USB_30_X64 9/13/2013 in folder is INS9XMSI and INSNTMSI (Applications) and Roxio Easy VHS to DVD (windows installer) VIDEOCAP_USB_30_X86 9/13/2013 (same) Again, either the Video Capture (audio part) is malfunctioning or Windows 8.1 PRO does not like the drivers. I did a complete uninstall of NXT2 Pro and uninstalled the drivers; reboot; installed NXT2 PRO and got same as before. Under device drivers: Dazzle Video Capture Audio Device and USB 2861 Video
  3. I just uninstalled the dazzle and the 2681 drivers from my device drivers. I then did a "repair" of Roxio NXT2 Pro and then reattached the Roxio video capture device. I had opened the device driver screen before I attached it and watched as my computer installed the dazzle audio and 2681 video device drivers. So that is how I got these drivers installed. I will now uninstall Roxio NXT2 Pro and both device drivers. Then I will do a complete reinstall of Roxio and see if I get the same result. I will keep the discussion posted.
  4. Note that here is the only driver download I have found on the site. It was under "accessories" "USB Capture device" "Windows" It does not say which Windows OS or which Roxio products it supports. RoxioVideoCaptureUSBDriver_KM00EXD0SQA
  5. Myguggi - When I installed ROXIO NXT2 Pro I had removed all of my 2011 Creator and I assume that the NXT2 Pro installed the USB 2681 driver. May or may not be so but if it didn't them it had to come from windows. Jim, can either of you direct me to a site where I can get these drivers. I have looked on the ROXIO web site and have not been able to find them. May not be looking in the right place. I could also uninstall NXT2 again and go in and delete the drivers and then do another instal and see if the drivers will install. Your thoughts???? Please note that I have completely uninstalled Roxio 2011 Pro a long time ago and have installed and uninstalled Roxio NXT2 Pro on multiple occasions. I can only surmise that it did not install the drivers for some reason or Windows 8.1 PRO (Not 8) has a glitch that may have blocked the instillation.
  6. New information this morning. The Dazzle was installed with the NCH software that I was told I might try to see if it would work. In the process with playing around this morning I modified the Roxio Software (options) so that the Video comes through the USB 2681 Video driver (Roxio Capture device) and the Audio comes through the microphone input . Does not solve the problem with the Roxio Capture device and it may be that the correct audio driver is not installed but I have not been able to find any update to the NXT2 Pro installed driver (USB 2681 Video) or a seperate Audio driver like was shown in the screen capture in the other discussion group. I will try a 2 hour capture with this configuration (jury rigged) and see if it works OK. If anyone has an idea as to the correct drivers, please let me know. Seems a shame that the only way to get Roxio help is to buy their technical support after the first 14 days of instillation.
  7. Looked at another discussion group and saw the VHS to DVD Capture software driver discussion Jim was involved in. My driver that shows up when I click on capture is the "USB 2681 Video" driver. I noted that it was marked "Old Driver" by Jim in the other discussion. Here is a listing of my installed drivers in the Device Manager under Sound, Video ..... - Dazzle Video Capture USB Audio Drive - IDT High Definition Audio CODEC - NVIDIA High Definition Audio - NVIDIA Virtual Audio Device (Wave Extensible)(WDM) - USB 2681 Video - VF0690 Live! Cam Socialize HD AF/ZiiCAM Don't have the foggiest where the Dazzle came from; I assume the IDT and the NVIDA come with the system; the USB 2681 was installed with NXT2 Pro; the VF0690 Live! with the video cam. Does this indicate anything? Like I said earlier, the Video Cam recorded OK and I even tried to use the Roxio Capture Device with the Video Cam removed but that had no effect.
  8. Just as an afterthought I used my Creative video cam to do a capture and no problems. So it is the Roxio Capture device that is the problem. To answer the question....I do not have my Blu-Ray drive installed in my XP computer and do not really want to move it. I would rather use the Roxio capture software than the Plextor as it does not write Blu-Ray DVDs. I have been researching on line and it would mean that I have to switch to software and find a capture device that is certified for Win 8.1 Pro OS. I think I have found one but it means shifting software and capture devices if I want to use the 8.1 computer and at least an upgrade in software and capture device if I want to have similar capabilities to what Roxio has. Buying a new Roxio capture device is the least expensive option.
  9. Jim, I guess we crossed posts. That is exactly what I did and got the same results. The Xp and Win 8.1 Pro computers have entirely different processors, motherboards, audio chips, anti-virus software and programs. Since it acted the same on both computers I have uninstalled it from the XP test platform. I just hate to spend the $50 plus to get a new Video Capture device from Roxio but I have eliminated everything else. The Plextor PX-M402U is working fine on the XP with its software but that computer does not have the burn capabilities that the 8.1 computer does (Blu-Ray) and the PX-M402U does not have win 8 drivers nor does the Roxio NXT2Pro recognize the device. I have asked Plextor forum if anyone has an 8.1 or win 8 device driver for the capture device but the only one I could find out there was for Win 7 and people were having problems with it since it is a 32 bit driver. My 8 machine is 64 bit so I did not see much use in downloading the latest Plextor driver and trying it. So that is where I stand right now.
  10. Just did a temporary install of NXT2 Pro on my XP computer. Used the Roxio Video capture device (UB315-E) and had same problem. SOOOOO it is either the device driver (very doubtful) or the capture device. I have used the Plexor software and device on the XP machine with the same VHS tape and had no problem. My Windows 8.1 Pro machine used Window defender and the XP machine uses WebRoot. Both deactivated for install. Both have totally different processors, audio devices and of course OS. Soooo again, it is either the device driver or the USB Video capture card. I guess I will have to bite the bullet and buy another Video Capture card from ROXIO (about $50) as I am out of options if I still want to use the ROXIO software. Or, use my XP machine and the Plexor capture device (PX-M402U) which do work on my XP machine but it has no Win 8 or 8.1 drivers that I can find. This has been a long and painful experience.
  11. I appreciate the help. Is there any way I can elimiate the Video Capture device as the problem, other than buying a new one?
  12. Thanks for the information. Did all you suggested but the problem still presists. Any further ideas would be appreciated.
  13. no update to Win 8.1 so no go with the PX-M402U. I think I did the proceedure you suggest but will carefully do it again. Note that I have FIOS and my router comall installed I will shut down anything on my computer and try again Will let you know
  14. I will see if 8.1 recognizes my old Dazzel PX-M402U (Feb 2004) from Plextor works. If I can get my computer to recognize it then maybe I can eliminate the Roxio USB Capture unit as the problem.