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  1. Success! After much trial, error and work arounds burned my first diskette.
  2. I found files with the extension VHS but they are only 4 to 9KB files. The mpg's are rather large.
  3. Walt, I'm trying to burn the files on to a DVD. I copied the MPG files over to my laptop and imported them into my video list. Then hit the burn button. I didn't see the file extension VHS when I found the saved files on my desktop. I only found the mpg ones and that's what I copied over to my laptop. Do I have to move files with the extension VHS for them to be able to burn onto a disk? Frank B.
  4. FByrd

    Lg Dvd Writer Sp60 Not Recognized

    I rebooted my system and now the program recognized my DVD writer in my F: drive. Got to the Burn step but now the software hangs on pop up that reads Adjust trim points. The completion bar shows 100% complete in this pop up. The software is frozen and I guess I'll have to use the Task manager to close it. Every step in using this software has been frustrating. I'm not a techie and have spent hours on the phone with Dell tech support, LG tech support and Windows support for various steps along the way. If I had known how frustrating Roxio's software was to install and use I would have paid someone to transfer my VHS tapes to CD's.
  5. I'm using VHS to DVD Plus 3 on a Dell Inspiron 9300 using MS Windows XP pro w SP3. When I try to Burn my captured videos to the destination drive the program only gives me the option of my internal DVD RW drive. I have an LG DVD writer sp60 plugged into a USB port but the software only recognizes the read write drive and not the DVD burner that is on my F: drive. How do I change the destination drive so that the program transfers the video to my burner? Frank B.
  6. After a number of tries and many hours of trial and error with VHS to DVD Plus3 software I finally was able to capture several videos and saved them as projects. I still cannot get the product to work properly on my Dell Inspiron 9300 laptop and my 14 day support code has run out. The product works on my Dell Dimension 4600 on XP Home edition SP3 but for some reason my Windows XP system won't recognize the external DVD burner I purchased for my VHS conversion project. The device does work on my laptop. Can someone tell me in which file folder the software stores the video projects and what the file format suffix is? I'd like to save them to a flash drive and move them over to my laptop where I can use the external drive to burn them to a DVD. This project has been one frustrating problem after another. Frank B.