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  1. I am going through this as well. I find my breaking point is about between SP and HQ anything less than SP and it will be horribly downgraded. I find that I just make an extra DVD, ask my users to pay a little more for it. Or ask if there is anything we can cut out. The cost investment in upgrading to Blu-Ray is steep and you have to have the right equipment to do it well. If your only option is DVDs, then make a few extra. My users want high quality and aren't hip to Blu-Ray yet. It is just a few extra steps for DVD Backgrounds, Jackets, Light Scribe labels, whatever it is you do.
  2. I would love for all movies in project to play and then return to the menu. However they play though once and then it jumps to the second movie in my list. What I figure out is that you have to preview the project. Then you have to set the order by which movies plays for which button is pressed. Doing it this way fixes my issue. Ideally, I would love to drop all movies into my project and line then up and be good to burn. I have to remind myself to preview and rename my buttons accordingly. I figured that my second movie was my last even though it wasn't listed that way in the project view.