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    Finder Cannot Read Dvd Files

    I don't think it is an hardware related problem, the DVDs plays all fine, even the one whose files can't be displayed in Finder. I also use very low burning speed (2x) but that does not make any difference. The only thing I did not mention is that I'm burning a DVD-R REWRITABLE... I have to try with a one-burn DVD to see if it makes any difference.
  2. Andymerlino

    Toast 11 Burner Not Running In Background

    I have the same problem.. Would be great if the solution is posted if a solution have been found. That's the purpose of the forum! Thanks
  3. Andymerlino

    Finder Cannot Read Dvd Files

    I'm using Toast 11.2 Titanium to burn a DVD from a project I created in Apple DVD Studio Pro. I do not use the DVD Video tab but I just place the VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS folders on a regular DVD using DVD-ROM UDF Data The DVD plays fine and it's burned without any problem. But I found an unexpected thing: when I create the DVD with Toast, I cannot browse the files inside the DVD in Finder. Finder display for a moment the two folders but nothing appears inside the VIDEO_TS folder (which contains all the standard VOB files). Sometimes also the two folders disappear.... not sure why... anyone has experienced something like this on the Finder. Note that if I burn the DVD video with DVD Studio Pro directly, I can browse all the files in the folders without any problem.