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    Blu-Ray Burn Failure With 1920X1080 Ts File

    Ahah. We actually just needed to trash the pref's. Now we're good to go again. Thanks!!
  2. Hi there, We've been burning a bunch of Blu-Rays lately, from a TS file created from a 720x960 59.94 progressive quicktime. They burn great and we never have any issues. Recently we had our show unconverted to 1920x1080 29.97 interlaced, and we're now compressing the same way and outputting a TS file that is now at 1920x1080 29.97 interlaced settings. Whenever we set Toast to burn, it begins multiplexing but then stops without warning. The yellow progress bar disappears and we go straight back to the Toast window, without any kind of an error message. I can hit "Burn" again and it goes back to multiplexing, and the cycle continues.The Blu-Ray that we try and burn remains completely blank. I am certain that we've been able to burn Blu-Rays from a 1080i TS file before, this problem seems new. Has anyone experienced this? Thanks! -Erin