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    Error When Rendering

    no luck did exactly what you said, turned off my firewall, anti virus . Still wont render. Another problem occured i have the no signal status so now i dont know what the problem is. i just recorded footage yesterday i did not unhook anything and today i wanted to record and i got that status no signal. any suggestion. i dont want to regret buying this product
  2. JohnnyGs

    Error When Rendering

    ok im going to try that step by step and let you know how it goes, thanks for replying.
  3. JohnnyGs

    Error When Rendering

    i record my footage and edit it, but when it comes time to export and render i get t pop up saying " error occured during rendering". and i cant export my videos at all, it wont let me render any video at all
  4. JohnnyGs

    Error When Rendering

    i get 2 error pop ups when rendering my videos "Error occurred during rendering" and " Error - file completed successfully" My PC is a dell inspiron 3000 with cpu of 3.0ghz Intel® Pentium® processor G3220
  5. JohnnyGs

    Error When Rendering

    i get an error pop up " error has occurred during rendering" and "Error file has successfully completed" its frustrating its my second day with this Roxio hd pro cap card. i need help