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  1. I just bought VHS to DVD 3 Plus for Windows 8 computer. Quad core AMD A 8 6500 processor. 8 gigs ram, 2TB HD. Should be plenty to operate. But when loaded it says "no video input". I tried the updated drivers, different USB ports, everything I could think of. Still no signal. Can any one help?
  2. Just bought VHS to DVD Plus 3 for windows 8. "No video signal". Tried updating drivers, uninstall & reinstall, changed usb ports--still no signal. Have a quad core with 8 gigs ram and 2 terabites HD. Should be plenty to run device. Any help, please?

  3. Just bought VHS TO dvd 3 Plus. Got the Windows 8 version. Downloaded the New drivers. Cannot get video signal. Tech. support slow in responding. Can any one Help?? Thanks.