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    Easy Vhs To Dvd

    Thanks for response! Just so I understand. I was using Roxio VHS-DVD to capture VHS to my external hard drive. Unfortunately I broke pin thats goes from RC connector to capture USB. So now I am looking at buying VHS-DVD3. Want to take VHS put on hard drive. Then from hard drive to DVD. Being tapes are 2-2 1/2 hours and about 6.3 GB, I need to split tape in half. Was trying with Windows Movie maker but had problems. ( Not the sharpest tool when it comes to this). Looking to buy new VHS-DVD3 and Creator Pro by Roxio. Do you know if this will do what I need. Thanks again.
  2. harleyrider

    Easy Vhs To Dvd

    Can you burn dvd directly from comp. hard drive to dvd using this product?