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    Gaming, Youtube, Music, Video Editing, and Cars!!!
  1. CharliexTatted

    Show Us Your Captures

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F8cb8lFT70w Just testing it on the Xbox One *Forza 5*
  2. CharliexTatted

    Xbox One Signal Is Protected

    On the Xbox One just go to settings, 1. go to power & Start up 2. Under *Power Mode* change to Energy-saving 3. Restart Console Now this will switch back if you watch Netflix or anything that is copyright protected. You WILL have to restart console.
  3. CharliexTatted

    Roxio Youtube Intro For Youtube Gamers?

    Yeah I had the Elgato gaming intro for a lot of my videos... But I ran into a problem were my PC could not handle the specifications for it so I am coming back to Roxio and I was just seeing if anyone had done a Intro. Wish I knew what I was doing I would try lol
  4. CharliexTatted

    Roxio Youtube Intro For Youtube Gamers?

    This is what ImMattsbro is talking about >>> . I think he is wanting something of a similar type of intro but for Roxio products.