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    Capturing Ps4 Audio At Rca Ports

    holy smokes okay. jim doing it BIG. thats whats up.
  2. ighostsgunnaz

    Capturing Ps4 Audio At Rca Ports

    correct. what i have is a PS4>to>HDMI splitter>to>roxio hd (input)>to>Television and i get great audio from my roxio when i run the software to livestream. but like with the ps3 audio issue, once you go live you get no audio coming out to your speaker/earphones and in my case when i use my console headset to chat with my party i can switch the headset to " chat only " which allows my audio to go through to the roxio hd program but you my viewers can only hear the game audio not the people in my party who are talking to me. so im trying to figure out how to stay connected to my roxio via hdmi but in a sense split the audio from it / or / pick up audio via an additional audio cord connected to the red and white audio ports on the rca input/output port. hope i explained everything clear enough. and thanks for your time jim its much appreciated. and jim its time for a new profile pic, its nothing wrong with it but i been on roxio forum for 2 years with another profile i lost access to. but you have had that same photo. lol im gonna refer to you as jim jones = a popular rapper lol just joking man. thanks again.
  3. Hope you all find this useful and can contribute any tips or info you may have.
  4. ighostsgunnaz

    The Ps4 Update, Any News To Be Heard?

    yes there is some great news ill personally show you how to hook it up in i uploaded a tutorial to my youtube check it out.
  5. ighostsgunnaz

    How Can I Record A Live Commentary For A Livestream?

    Here is the answer for you bud http://forums.support.roxio.com/topic/89845-how-to-hear-game-audio-while-live-streaming/ . if your on ps3 but if youre on ps4 youre in the same boat as the rest of us but jim had suggested a pretty good sounding method go check over in capture section
  6. ighostsgunnaz

    Capturing Ps4 Audio At Rca Ports

    Hey jim i got a question for you. now you mentioned its possible to get real time audio by connecting at the rgc ( rca ports ). i was confused on how you meant for it to be hooked up. i seen the pinned video the guy did for the ps3 capturing audio while live streaming but i have the ps4 and since it is hooked via hdmi and has no component cable option i am lost as to how you mean to do this excactly. ive tried a rca to 3.5mm cable ( put the red into the R audio input and the white into the L audio input and plugged the 3.5mm headphone jack into my computer then right click speaker> right click "front mic" in my case>click listen> click listen to this device then apply>Done) to get the audio over to the computer and i got no sound at all from the RGC device to my computer. i used that method from the guys video that i mentioned. but please explain a bit more on the method you had suggested. Thanks in advance.