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    Help? Software Download

    Needing help but I'm not very optimistic. I recently had to replace my hard drive and thought I had my copy of Toast 10 Titanium backed up. For some reason Toast 9 was still on my computer, but I had both of them. I found the backup of the downloaded software and thought I was copying it to my computer. I was interrupted by my wife and kids and when I came back a few hours later to install it, it had vanished. I thought I copied it to my desktop. It was nowhere to be found. I had been reinstalling a lot of things and had repeatedly emptied my trash, and I'm hoping it wasn't accidentally dropped in there. Here is my question: Where can I download Toast 10 Titanium? I have a legit serial number I've kept record of. I just don't have the software. I can't find it on Roxio's site, and I've called customer service, but that is Digital River, not Roxio and I didn't buy it from them. I don't want to pay for technical support because it isn't really a tech issue. Is there ANYWHERE I can download the software and be able to use my key? Thanks in advance.