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    Mydvd Editing

    Thanks, that's pretty disappointing. I've been using an older version for years and it always got the job done. Just assumed when I purchased NXT 5 that it would have the same (or better) functionality. Thanks for the heads up on W-10. I've had past battles with Roxio and the OS so I don't think I'll be heading down that rabbit hole. Looks like I'm in the market for a new tool. Sigh.
  2. PayTheBills

    Mydvd Editing

    Do you know whether a full version of MyDVD is available either as a stand-alone or bundled with something else? I came across MyDVD Video Lab HD in the store but the link to download is broken.
  3. PayTheBills

    Advice On Settings For Dvd's (Videowave/mydvd)

    As per the manual looks like my Blu-Ray player doesn't take AVCHD, might have to just burn one to make sure. Otherwise I guess its decision time: new Blu-Ray player or new Blu-Ray burner! And thanks for the info on capacity.
  4. PayTheBills

    Advice On Settings For Dvd's (Videowave/mydvd)

    Thanks for the response, the AVCHD route sounds promising! I'd gladly sacrifice length of production for quality.
  5. I use Creator 2011 to make DVD's. I typically start by making a slideshow of camera stills (and I always use the opan/zoom option) and then open in Videowave to tweak. That involves pan/zoom edits, interspersing short videos clips and minor edits to the audio tracks. Then I save to an mpeg and move on to the next slideshow. After I have all the individual mpegs I use MyDVD to create the DVD. I'm never completely satisfied with the playback quality of the DVD on my widescreen TV. I always assumed it was the source image files but I've upgraded cameras and although the source images are much improved the DVD production is only marginally improved. I'm interested in any guidance on best practices for creating DVD's (I don't have a Blu-ray burner). That could include any info on proper setting for creating mpegs (or another format) as well as the DVD.