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    Bug With Entering Isrc Code?

    Thanks! Using QM worked. I'm a bit surprised I didn't hear about this change. Yes, I'm a small operator -- but I do pay the RIAA annual fees to be able to issue ISRC codes, and the last I heard from them was that my US prefix was good through Sept. 2014. I'll write & ask them about it.
  2. Kevin_135

    Bug With Entering Isrc Code?

    I can't figure out how to enter my ISRC code. The instructions say to enter 2 letters for country, 3 letters for owner, 2 digits for year, 5 digits for serial number. That makes sense -- except that my owner code is a letter, a number, and a letter. Does Roxio actually insist on 3 letters? I've used my letter-number-letter code with Roxio's Windows-based software for years before switching to mac. I've tried both of these variations: USX9X1450000 and US-X9X-14-50000 (no, X9X is not my actual owner code, but that's the format) and neither works. Is this a Toast bug or am I missing something obvious? Kevin