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    I have windows 10 and my video wave in creator 12 kept getting "Videowave has stopped working" I had a chat with tech online and he said windows 10 does not support creator 12, I needed to update to nxt5. I did, installed this and still get same thing. Videowave has stopped working. Anyone can help. Did I upgrade for nothing?
  2. toya247

    Dvds Not Burning

    Have my project all ready, works great in preview. When burn, does not write to disk. Just updated to Windows 10. I am using Roxie creator 12.
  3. toya247

    Video Wave Background Audio

    I have added a background audio to my videowave production, but can't figure out how to delete it or change it. Can someone help me Thanks
  4. toya247

    Video Wave Background Audio

    Thanks so much, could not figure that out.
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    I am trying to change the duration of a photo in my sideshow. Instructions say select photo, and on production ediotr click trim. I cannot find a selection of "trim". What I have been doing is going into the sideshow, selecting the photo, but no trim option is there. What am I doing wrong. Thanks
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    Thank You so much.
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    Sorry, I am very new at this. I first select my sideshow from my menu, then select (from the edit menu to the left) edit movie. This brings up sideshow assistant. The only options at the top of this screen is - preview, remove, rotate, view as, edit text & add blank slide. If I select "next" at the bottom of the screen, the options I have at the top are the same except pan & zoom & add narration.
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    Sorry, no I am in Roxio creator 9.