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  1. Unfortunately, having resolved installation problems, I now have a different issue. Sod's Law. I can burn cds ok, provided that the music / data files are already on the computer. As soon as I put a blank cd in, Roxio recognises it as such. However, if I want to make a straight copy an audio disc, the program gets as far as making the image and then asking for a blank cd, but then won't accept the cd I put in, it just spits it out again. I'm using Windows 8.1 on an Asus laptop, and not very technical. Any suggestions gratefully received.
  2. Thought I'd just report back on this issue, which is now resolved, as opposed to solved! Around the time I started posting on here, after spending a very long time going round in circles on the help/support site, I'd sent a general request off to Roxio asking about how I could get a 'support code' to enable me to contact them about my problems. (I eventually did get a reply and link to Corel site which I couldn't enter as it didn't recognise my email, and wouldn't let me register a new account as my email was 'already in their system!') On finally making contact with the details of the problem, (on 4th) I've thence been communicating with Ralf, emails and eventually a very long live chat remote session (1 am this morning until 3.30 or after!) He stripped everything out, ran the download and hit exactly the same problem as I did, and concluded it was 'weird.' He has eventually sorted out my problem by very kindly installing Creator NXT instead for me. So - my problem is resolved, but the cause is still unknown! Again, many thanks for your time, and also contacting Customer Service on my behalf.
  3. Hi, When I right click on the download, I don't get the option to extract all. The only way to unzip is to left click which immediately starts unzipping into a temp file, it goes off way too fast to choose anything. However, I've just done a search for 'EMC' and have the EMC_CONTENT140, and EMC_140 folders as shown on your list, plus EMC10 and EMC9 folders. Thanks again for your time.
  4. When I bought the program I also paid a couple of pounds for the extended download service, so I do have access to the original download for the next two years - hopefully it won't take till then to get it working!! It's 1.71Gb and full name is RoxioEasyCDandDVDBurning_LC49CXD1ECD Thanks again for the help. (I'm off to Tai Chi for a couple of hours to gather some more energy!)
  5. I've now created the new user account as you suggested, (with administrator priviledges) downloaded again, and tried the installation. Unfortunately, the result is exactly the same - messageabout Creator NXT, then installation rolls back!
  6. I'll certainly try this in the morning - it's mid evening here now, and I'm out now for a few hours. Many thanks!
  7. There really is no email anywhere on my computer with a code, just the ones I've mentioned. I've never had NXT, not even any of my previous computers, this is the only Roxio program I've tried on this new one.
  8. I've kept all the emails from Roxio, they had links to confirm registration and activate my account, I did all that, but I haven't got a code from Roxio, just a 'welcome to the Roxio family' email, with details of various Roxio products. On the site I can see my program is registered The error message just said ' You must install Roxio Creator NXT before installing the content' which I obviously can't do! I used Roxio on my previous laptop with no problems at all, but that program won't work on Windows 8, so I bought this one. I'm regretting it!
  9. I bought and downloaded Easy CD and DVD Burning from the Roxio website. (also the Extended Download Service) I've had huge problems installing this, and wanted to access the Roxio Support, but find I need a 'support code' which I am meant to have been sent after registering the product. I registered the product, and can see it listed as such when I sign in to their site, but have nothing from them that is a code. Am I missing something here - maybe someone can tell me how to get in touch with Roxio? Failing that, maybe someone can tell me how to sort the installation, bearing in mind I'm not a techie, I'm using an Asus Notebook with Windows 8. In brief - installed the program, which didn't work, various problems. Read that removing and reinstalling Asus Splendid should cure this. Did that and it didn't! Now Roxio and some other programs failing/seized up. Did system restore. Have tried twice more to get Roxio working, but now installation gets part way through set up/installation wizard and demands I 'install Roxio Creator NXT before installing content.' As I haven't got that, I've reached a dead end. Thanks for reading this, any advice (in simple words please) would be appreciated!