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  1. Ok guys got it going thanks to Ramon from Roxio support team so I thought I would share with you all what he told me to do in case it might help someone else. Please make sure that you have plugged the audio RCA cables (red and white) properly to the USB device. Please try using a different USB port on your Mac and retry opening the Easy VHS To DVD for Mac application. If you have tried all USB ports on your Mac and still experience the same issue when you use the Easy VHS To DVD for Mac application, please trash the Easy VHS To DVD application then follow the steps below: Open the Finder Go to the Menu Bar and open the "Go" menu. Select the entry: "Go to Folder..." Enter the path of the Preferences Folder: ~/Library/Preferences Trash the following files: Rovi Preferences com.roxio.Roxio-Video-Capture.plist (this may or may not appear) com.roxio.EasyVHStoDVDCapture.plist com.roxio.EasyVHStoDVDCapture.plist.lockfile Reinstall the Easy VHS To DVD for Mac application, restart your Mac, plug the USB Capture device and then open the Easy VHS To DVD for Mac app. If the message disappears, this is the time you should plug the cables from the VHS player to the USB device. There you guys hope this helps, OneManBand2112
  2. Hello, I just received my Roxio easy VHS to DVD for Mac Version 2.0.1 item which was already opened by the way. Anyway, I tried it and the video looks fine but no audio output. I tried replacing rca cables to VCR's and still no audio. I have a Mac 10.8.5 OSX and I have other programs and their audio is OK so I am hoping I can get a replacement of the hardware/rca female adaptor harness in hopes it will work. Anyone have this same issue? I already put in a ticket with Roxio hope they respond. Thank, Onemanband2112