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    No Signal From Xbox But Ok With Sky+ Box

    I've plugged the rgc into a sky+ box (pvr) and it works great. That's using the same hdmi's and everything. Could there be a settings issue in on the Xbox somewhere?
  2. AndyRawlz

    No Signal From Xbox But Ok With Sky+ Box

    Stuck my roxio in a drawer since March. Tried it again this evening and still getting exactly the same issue! No preview in the capture software and no image showing on the TVs either.
  3. I've setup the Roxio inline with the xbox through HDMI and getting no signal at all. I tried plugging it into my sky+ box and the signal showed up straight away (obviously couldn't record as signal protected) and that was using the same HDMI cable as with the xbox. tried rebooting everything and plugging everything back in but still no signal. Also, have just noticed that its says Input: Component Status: No Signal. I'm unable to change the input further up as its greyed out but says HDMI in there.