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  1. I'm using Roxio Video Capture, Version 2.0.1 (135). My Mac is a mid 2010 machine running OS X, Ver 10.7.5. The processor is a 3.2 intel Core i3. When I initially launch the program to start capturing VHS or Hi8 tapes, it works fine, bot using the composite or the S-Video (depends upon the camera or player from which I'm recording). The recording is fine, and the program works very well. I like it very much. When I try to capture a subsequent tape, it picks up the video, but not the audio. I tried quitting the Video Capture program and restarting it, but the problem persists. The only thing that works is to restart the Mac, and the Video Capture works fine, but if I attempt to capture a third tape, it loses the audio again. Restarting the Mac fixes it. This is a great big pain. I am not using the Mac for anything else while I'm capturing, nor do I use it after "finishing" the video. I immediately attempt to capture and another tape, but the audio is not working. If y'all have a fix for this, I'd sure appreciate it. Thanks.