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  1. Sorry that we aren't too good at explaining how we are doing it, but the way you have explained it is in fact the way we are doing it, but are not getting any sound. The only way we have got sound is by decoding it to mpg 2 through a video decoding software, as you suggested awhile back. We are away tonight for a week, with camcorder of course. We will record in HD and see how we get on when we return next week.

  2. Lost in Translation comes to mind! Cannot see any other way we can take the film from the camcorder onto computer and then into videowave. without it being split into scenes. It has always worked for us, but for some peculiar reason, now we have a new computer and new Roxio software it doesn't. Having tried the video converter and found it works, I guess we will just have to resort to using this. Any suggestions on which one to use.


    No we have absolutely no connection to Sir E Shackleton - its our house name, which existed when we moved in.

  3. Our computer is not a standard model - it was put together by 'P.C. Specialist' in England to our own specifications. It has Windows 8.1 and is designed to be powerful enough to cope with video editing.


    We capture video from camcorder to the computer.


    We have taken codec off.


    Am I perhaps on the right path, that I should now instal Video Converter software, as previously, I said a free version did actually work and gave us the sound.

  4. Thank you. We have done as you suggest and we have put the video into videowave and selected to show native track. It appears fine and has a straight line through the middle - but still no sound.


    We have checked the volume speakers. Roxio NXT Pro 2 is set at 62, which we assume is its default setting. The videowave setting is 100 and it is definitely not muted. We alas still have no sound. When we view that video as it was sent to you, (not in videowave), we get the volume perfectly ok. Do we gather you may have put this into your videowave software and have been successful?

  5. http://yaa.im/987f0b92892ac25b


    As far as I can say, hopefully there will be a piece of film footage uploaded from camera without using roxio at all, and onto file sharing site. Yaa


    Tried separately placing film through Videowave and selecting hidden tracks and select native, as suggested below. Still no sound.


    To answer d_ deweywright We downloaded it directly ontil Roxio Creator NXT Pro 2, ( capture,) and then add film in Videowave (edit advance) to begin the editing. Always worked with our previous Roxio Creator software. We now have a new computer with windows 8.1 - would there be any conflict between this and the new creator software we have just purchased. We had to purchase this upgraded as our previous Roxio software on our old Windows XP would not work on 8.1


    We will try the video converter later today, and let you know how we get on with that. Many thanks.

  6. Sorry but we are pensioners and not technical enough re; webhosting etc., We have however tried the free version of 'my movie' software, already installed on our new computer (windows 8.1) . Recorded HD, two scenes this morning and we have sound on the software. Tried again through Roxio and nothing. We feel sure that the camera and usb cable to computer are working fine. Its almost as if the whole creator software is faulty in as much as it has no audio. The audio properties on the two scenes I took this morning are as follows


    Bit rate - 256 kbps

    Channels 2 (stereo)

    Audio sample rate 48 KHZ


    We are transferring the video clip from camera to computer via a usb 2 lead directly.


    Not sure that I can answer your queries fully. Tried uploading the film on this software, but its not permitted.


    Will be grateful for any further help, if you can.

  7. Thank you for the two replies. Yes we do hear audio when we are playing back on the camcorder and all the files on the computer. We transfer from Camera to Roxio Videowave, and there lies the problem. We have used all the same equipment and cables on our previous Roxio Creator software and had no problem, its only since upgrading to Roxio NXT Pro 2 we find we have no sound whatsoever from the moment we capture from Camcorder to Videowave. We have always used only a built in mic. and record in SD as we do not have an optical drive capable of recording HD. There is no problem when you add an audio track onto the film during the editing process, its purely the film itself which has no sound on Roxio software. We can play the film scenes through the VLC player on the computer with perfect sound.

  8. We have captured films from the digital camera to videowave. The files immediately are backed up on the computer and all video scenes have sound. However, we cannot get any sound on videowave. This is before any editing is started, there is just no sound. This has also been the case with this new software, which is Roxio Creator NXT Pro 2, when we have put all our films from 2013 onto dvd and whilst there is sound on the film, it doesn't transfer once its edited through My DVD. I have been well used to Roxio now for some years and have had no problem until we recently upgraded to this new software. Any suggestions please? Many thanks