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  1. TheRhysWyrill

    Any Help Would Be Appreciated.

    Thanks for all the replies & help on this, i'm happy to say that this issue has gone away thankfully, turns out it wasn't anything to do with the Capture Card It was actually a problem with my audacity, for some reason having the mixer toolbar disabled cause audacity to cut out certain parts of my audio After enabling this toolbar i have had no problems on the capture card or the audio front so i'm pleased that after around 1 year the issue has finally been found out & fixed!
  2. TheRhysWyrill

    Any Help Would Be Appreciated.

    Thanks for the reply, i am aware of being able to record directly from the capture card itself but i prefer doing the audio separately (Easier to get the levels perfect in my opinion) i have gotten a screen shot of what the case is, it shows my video file & audio file and as you can see they were started & stopped at the same time yet the video is 20 seconds longer than the audio file... Can't work out how to add image attachments So i guess this link will have to suffice http://gyazo.com/ef1fa985954741dc293053308a548efe Again, if you can provide any help it will be greatly appreciated.
  3. TheRhysWyrill

    Any Help Would Be Appreciated.

    Okay, so I've had the Roxio Gamecap HD Pro for a little over a year now, i would say it's worked perfectly for that duration but that would be a lie, I've looked all over for a solution to my problem but no matter how hard i look i just can't find anything to help, basically my problem is that i record using the Roxio (For my gameplay) and use Audacity (For commentary). I start my commentary audio as soon as i see the button turn red (So usually about 1 second difference between the 2) although when i end the video & commentary audio, the video is somehow longer (Varying from 20 seconds to 2/3 minutes depending on how long I've recorded for) but what i don't understand is that i record & end them only seconds within each other. When recording, both seem to work fine & i know my computer is capable of handling this software, i just have no idea what it could be, I've tried literally everything with next to no success, if anyone can help then it would greatly appreciated, Thanks.