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    Please Help! No Gameplay Audio!

    Okay I'm not sure if this will help, or if anyine will actually read it but i just had a problem with my Roxio Game Capture (regualr SD). So what happened was i went to record with my new headset and mic but when i recorded it had no audio when I went to edit it.....I searched around for a while and could not find a solution...Then I found something that related skype to screwing with the audio so I uninstalled it from my computer. NOTE: this is the only thing I did between my succesful recording and the one with no audio. It still did not work. So i went into my audio center and clicked audio devices. In this case I have Realtek HD audio center (windows seven machine) and clicked on the recording tab at the top. Next i went to the Roxio (line in) and right clicked. From there I went to properties and then went to LISTEN. There is a check box labeled "listen to the device", subsiquently it was unchecked so I checked it, left the audio center, recorded and it worked....I am guessing that Skype did this, because I never knew that that even existed before now and did not touch it. Hope this helps and please if anyone else asks feel free to share this information.