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    Please Insert A Recordable Dvd...

    Actually, I was NOT using the Record-Edit-Save mode, I was using the Record DVD mode. I didn't follow your advice. I really don't know enough about the workings of computers to feel comfortable uninstalling drives, although I do uninstall software. I did follow your instructions and go to the Device Manager, but only one of the DVD drives showed up, anyway. I have given up, thrown away the $69.99 I spent on this product in Best Buy and, instead, bought a combination VHS/DVD player that will record from the tape to a DVD. I will say before I go, however, that I found it difficult to locate this forum and fail to understand why Roxio does not supply the consumer with a toll free (or even a long distance) phone number to call in order to get help. I will never, ever purchase another Roxio product.
  2. TisEyerish

    Please Insert A Recordable Dvd...

    ...that's the message I get when I am trying to convert a homemade VHS tape to DVD. I have tried everything I can possibly think of: ...uninstalled then reinstalled software ...tried three two different types of DVDs ...DVD-R and DVD-RW ...these were tried in three different brands...Sony, Memorex and Verbati ...purchased an external DVD drive, thinking perhaps that there was something wrong with my internal drive, as I have had a few issues with it in the past ...I have tried inserting the disk in both drives (at different times, of course) both before opening the program and after opening it I have exhausted my ideas at this point and am hoping that someone will be able to tell me how to remedy the situation. Any help that you can provide will be greatly appreciated. I've had it in mind to transfer my home movies (I converted the 8 and Super 8 movies to VHS tapes many years ago) to DVD for some time, but now it has become even more important, as I lost my husband six weeks ago and really want to be able to give each of our children DVDs with the home movies on them. My computer is four-year-old Gateway "all in one" desktop, with Windows 7 installed. Processor: Intel® Core i3 CPU 530 @ 2.93GHz 2.93GHz, installed memory is 4.00 GB (3.80 GB usable), System type is 64-bit Operating System. I hope this information helps you. Thank you for any help you can provide!