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    How Do I Tell A Pal Mpeg-2 From An Ntsc Mpeg-2?

    Thank you so much. I, of course, was looking at the files in list view where that info does not show.
  2. No questions are stupid, right? I have >25 gigabytes of small files all clumped together randomly on a USB stick that I want to burn onto DVDs. Some of the files are in PAL format and some are in NTSC format. Is there some easy and obvious way that I am missing that could be used to tell which file is in which format before I add the files to a DVD project and try to burn it and it tells me that the disk is in mixed PAL and NTSC format and may not work in all DVD players? They all seem to have the same info data as being Video mpeg-2. I can't see any differences in any of the abouts or information areas. Currently I am adding the files one at a time (I've got hundreds of them!) and trying to burn it and reacting to the messages. There has to be a faster and easier way! Please let there be a faster and easier way. Help. Thanks!
  3. Gwynnyd

    *how* Do I Use Some Of The Temporary Converted Files?

    Again, thank you so much. I tried both methods that you described and they both worked!
  4. Gwynnyd

    *how* Do I Use Some Of The Temporary Converted Files?

    Thank you so much. The project is still up. Let me go try to save as disk image. WHY don't the help files have this information?
  5. I converted a whole bunch of little stuff, TV clips and YouTube captures mostly, into DVD format and it took 12 hours and ended up way too big to fit on one DVD. My bad for not checking a compressing option, but I left what I thought was enough room. Now what? It's sitting there waiting for me to insert a DVD, that it will reject as not being big enough. I only have a cheap DVD burner and it does not do double sided disks. If I cancel the burn entirely, I assume it will not let me go back and check the compression option without losing everything and I'll have to convert them all again. Ugh. Is there something I can do at this point to either split up the files onto several disks without converting them again or tell it compress them without having to reconvert them? However, I have the Temporary Folder with the converted files. Presumably I can cancel the project in progress and add just some of the converted files in the Temporary folder to a new dvd project, splitting them up so they end up on several disks. But how? I assume I add both the .ac3 and the .m2v copy of the file onto the new DVD project. Will it somehow hook the audio up with the video automatically making it just one file again on the DVD or will it go through another conversion process to hook them together? Will that take just as long as the first conversion making this a singularly pointless thing to do? Or is it quick? And do I need to include the NVDxx_000.tmp file that presumably goes with it or just ignore the NVD files? If I do need to add them, I assume I'd just count to figure out which sequential number it is, since NVD01 as a name is not useful at all in deciding what clip it goes with if they aren't simply sequential with the named .ac2 and .m2v files? Or just use the NVD file? Or…? The help files are singularly unhelpful about this. So, help! Thanks