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    Can I Capture Audio From Video File?

    Thank you for your insight, Jim. Call me "silly" if you must. Admittedly, 1) while extracting the audio is a valuable feature, and I've used NXT 2 only a very short time, for my video editing purposes, so far I've found no real advantage. You see, 2) although I'd love to go to HD, the video Dvd's I create and distribute go to folks who may not have Blueray or AVCHD capability... and many of the LCD projectors at the places where I make the presentations in person are SD units. So, what I got is what I need for now. I am considering recording in AVCHD my next trip to Africa, then converting it to SD. I'm told that may provide an improvement over recording in SD. I will test it before the next trip, and make a decision based on that. Video editing and DVD production has been a great tool. Anyway, Jim, thank you so much for your time, your expertise, and your input... and for anyone reading this and looking for information, I do recommend NXT 2. Time for me to climb back under my rock........
  2. McPayne

    Can I Capture Audio From Video File?

    Thanks so much... that was the clarification I needed. It works. For any others who might peruse this, the exact option after the right click on the main track is "extract audio". A general comment: regarding the video editing functions of NXT 2, I find very little in additional functionality... even over Creator 8. Creator 8 ran great (very fast encoding) on this Win7 laptop, but the Plexor DVD writer drivers that loaded with that disk were not compatiable with Win7, so Windows disabled the writer, and I could not figure out a work-around... so I purchased the latest version. Bottom line, Roxio has a good product that works, and the learning curve (for editing videos) from previous versions is nil. Have a nice day.
  3. McPayne

    Can I Capture Audio From Video File?

    That's why I went to Win7 on refurb HP8440P laptop... just enough experience with Win8 to decide against it. Forced by Microsoft's ending of XP support to go somewhere, so I've finally become a Win7 user. (Addition laptop will remain off-line using XP, PC will remain on Vista for now, net book will be reloaded with Ubuntu, and iPad tablet will remain an internet appliance.) Now, back to my original query... I've gotten my copy of NXT 2, and loaded it. In VideoWave, I added a short video clip for testing. Now, I want to export the native audio from that video clip and create an audio file, because I want to burn an audio CD of that audio. But, when I right click on the native audio track per your instructions, I find no way to export to create an audio file or track... exporting to create a video is all I see available. So, I need further instructions to accomplish the task. Thanks.
  4. McPayne

    Can I Capture Audio From Video File?

    Thank you..! That was one feature not available in my version of Creator 8 (came with Plexor Burner drivers package). Since 2006, I've been using Creator 8 with a succession of WinXP Pro boxes to create numerous presentation and personal videos, but Microsoft has finally forced me to Win7. Although Creator 8 ran like a scared rabbit on the new box rendering videos to an ISO file (I was amazed!), Win7 does not like the Plexor drivers that get loaded, and disables the DVD drives. From the brief online tutorial, it appears a fairly flat learning curve to NXT. Perhaps with NXT, I can take advantage of the AVCHD capability of my camcorders. I have ordered NXT 2. Thanks again for the quick response.
  5. I use Sony HDR-SR1 camcorders in SD mode. With Roxio Creator NXT 2, is it possible to export selected audio from the recorded .mpg file, then burn the audio to a CD? Note that the video files are my own creation, and not copyrighted files. Kindness is a virtue... try it sometime.