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    Could Not Open Sound Device!

    I found the problem. In the control panel under sound, I didn't have the Line In set as the default device. It was there in my Creative list of devices, but as soon as I made it the default I was able to see the record meters work.
  2. I have just replaced my pc and the new one has an onboard soundcard (list as HD Audio device). I have reinstalled Roxio Creator 2012. I am trying to record off the soundcard to digitize old records and have done so in the past with no issue. Now, I have my turntable connected to a preamp and that output goes directly to my Line In on the soundcard. I can hear music through the system, but when I bring up the "Capture Audio From Soundcard" option, I select the Line in option, I get "Could not open sound device!". I checked the options for the sound card and I know its plugged in correctly as I am hearing sound. Is this possibly a Win7 64 bit issue? I was previously on Win7 32-bit with a SoundBlaster sound card. I am tempted to go the Roxio Creator NXT 2 or NXT 2 Pro, but I don't want to spend more money if this is easily correctable.