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    No Hdmi Capture Appearing

    How is it something to do with my graphics card? Also, there's no picture on the capture software when I use component cables, though, it has worked a few times :s
  2. Gowingnator

    No Hdmi Capture Appearing

    I've now got picture on TV but not on Capture software, says 'Ready' in green... Using HDMI, I set the resolution on the Xbox to 1280x720 not 1080x1280 I believe.
  3. Gowingnator

    No Hdmi Capture Appearing

    So the PS3 picks up signal, says 'Signal Protected' :S
  4. Gowingnator

    No Hdmi Capture Appearing

    Ok, so like many many many others, I have no signal, when using Xbox 360, in red showing in the capturing software when using HDMI. When using component, works perfectly fine! It worked for a bout 2 minutes on HDMI but there was no image on the TV and the resolution on the capturing software was totally off, only showed the top left hand corner of the Xbox. On the Roxio itself, the purple light appears and so does the HDMI light. On Device Manager, under Sound, Video and Game Controllers, it says 'Roxio GameCAP HD PRO'. I've tried swapping HDMI leads, nothing :\ I've followed many suggestions, uninstalling everything and installing again, I've got the Feb update too, the drivers are up to date.