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  1. ok, so it was the usb cord, after i used the old one and redid the steps it works now
  2. well hold on now! i re-did these steps, but instead of asking me to repair it said i already had roxio so it would uninstall before re-installing it, that fix the transcoder problem, but now when i hook up the rgc its fine, until i put hdmi cords into it, then my computer says it is not recognized and it malfunction or something
  3. i followed these instructions and it still says transcoder is not installed
  4. my roxio software was long already istalled on this computer but i had to do a repair because the actual record software went missing i'll try this out and i hope it works
  5. So around december of 2014 i got a roxio game cap pro hd and i set it up on my ps3 and it worked nearly perfectly, with the exception of a couple of faint lines going up and down at the bottom of the screen, barely noticable so i didnt mind. then when i tried to use it again, i got the red no signal, i tried getting support but i got frustrated with it and gave up, NOW i got a hip new ps4 and now i get the green no signal, this roxio was in storage for a bit and the usb i am using is not the original for it was too short. i have the roxio set up by hdmi, but the hdmi notification light is not turning on but the ypbpr did light up when i had ypbpr hooked up to it but i haven't tried actually recording ypbpr, so what i get is a tv saying no signal and a game capture software saying no signal and even a roxio game cap saying no signal (or something in the means) im also unable to choose or change any settings in my software. I also get a notification saying i have to install/download the TRANSCODER driver but it cant find it in the disc heres what my screen looks like
  6. does this mean my ps3 or cables can be messed up? cause i get perfect video from my ps3 to my tv with AND without my roxio hooked up
  7. the no signal is red....and i dont know what a format c:/ is
  8. windows vista core 2 quad cpu Q9400 2.66 GHz nvidia geforce gtx 650 4 gb of ram 64-bit my ps3 is hooked up with component cables to the roxio game cap hd but when i woke up today and looked at it again the roxio crash problem stopped, BUT now i get nothing but no signal no matter what and if my roxio game cap software is open for around 4-7 minutes my computer all together just crashes
  9. sorry for being gone for a while, but the problem still proceeds after the repair
  10. okay, the installation not showing me the option to repair fixed it self and i think i got it working
  11. the install does not let me use the repair option, it just asks if i want to delete the iles and plugins i have now and re-install
  12. Recently i had a problem where i would get a green "No Signal" sign and i just fixed it with the whole "uninstall transcoder thing" with the anti virus and protection stuff off, now when i get into the roxio game recording software, it doesn't let me open the options with out crashing, and then i figured i can set it to Component by adjusting the "quality" slider, but the more high the slider is, the more low quality, glitchy, preview i get. Now that i got it to component i try to press record and then it leads to crashing. I got the roxio HD gamecap a couple months ago (4-7 months ago can't remember) and i had a period of time where i haven't used it in a while, now that i got back to it it doesn't work. i need assistance!