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    Monitoring Lp Music

    When I was stating a "dumb answer", I was referring to Corel's poor Customer Service. I do Customer Service so I expect those that do it, to do it well and Corel does not. I would never slam anyone on a discussion board such as this. However I would slam an idiot so called Technical Customer Service rep that works at Corel which is what I was stating above, not any users on this board. All they do at Corel is copy and paste answers from a list of possible comparative problems/solutions. This type of rep is ONLY interested in their personal stats and have no interest in the customer. I work with people like this in a Customer Service Center, and they get great reviews however but in many cases do not get the problem solved. Most call centers and email response centers work on quantity. Example in a call center most want you to get the customer off the phone in less than 3 minutes. They call it AHT, Average Handle Time; and if you get a call that requires you to take time to truly and personally help a customer it is likely they would get written up for it. In email reps have a list of possible problems and solutions; the quickly scan your response looking for key words not the actual sentences and find something that maybe matches copy & paste and click send. In addition most email reps that I know have to have an AHT of at least 4 emails per minute. Anyway the rep just kept giving responses that did not even address what was stated in my replies. I uninstalled the software and returned it to Amazon and got a full refund no questions, no hassle. Thanks for the suggestions and take care.
  2. AuroraNick

    Monitoring Lp Music

    First it is not the sound card because I have another software a freebie called EZ Vinyl Tape Converter and I can hear the music in that software fine it just has no options. I am currently using Windows 8.1 (I will say it, ugh) and do not believe it to be the issue. I believe the issue is the software, there should be a button like in older versions of NERO where you just click a button or choose the option to "monitor" what is getting recorded. So far CS at Corel sucks, there first response was plug in the headphones. Give me a break that is a dumb answer from a so called tech rep, probably just got out of training and worried about their stats. Not to mention it I tried that previously myself, and tried the Bose Companion 5 volume control headphone jack and the jack on the front of the PC with absolutely no sound. I can see the software meters are moving so it is hearing it, just not sending music out for monitoring. Both of these jacks work fine on everything from gaming to you tube videos, so it is not hardware related. Thanks for the responses and your time, if you think of anything else let me know.
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    Monitoring Lp Music

    Just started using Roxio Creator NXT 2. I am having difficulty finding where to monitor my recording from LP. I am using a ION model iTTUSB turntable, which obviously connects using a USB port. Steps that I am doing are Start NXT 2>>>click Music/Audio tab>>>click Digitize LPs and Tapes>>>Roxio Sound Editor opens. Now I can record a piece of music but hear nothing till I stop recording and then use playback what was just recorded I can then of course hear it. Well I need to hear what is playing while it is getting recorded. How on earth in this software do you do this. Currently to be able to hear what is getting recorded I have to open "EZ Vinyl Tape Converter" and go to "step 2" to monitor what I am recording on "Roxio Creator NXT 2". This is going to lead to a conflict at some point I'm sure. I can not believe there is not a "Monitor Recording" button in this software like there is in it's competitor Nero which I have used in the past. Can anyone answer this relatively easy question which I am at a loss to find. Because for me this software is then completely useless without a monitor feature. Of course the answer is probably right in front of my face but I do not see it. lol If anyone could help, it would be appreciated thanks in advance.