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  1. I have 33 photoshows ending in .photoshow that I need to bulk convert to .mp2., mp4 or even .mwv would work. Is there any program I can do this in that won't cost a fortune maybe even free. Please advise ASAP Time is running our for me. Thanks
  2. 2013gs4lt

    What Happen To Photoshows

    I opened the Roxio Photoshow software on my PC. It said I had 30 show. I then hit download My Photosho's and it started. Now I can not find where it downloaded them to and it never gave me a option as to what flder in windows 7 to put them. Does anyone know what the default folder is in windows 7. I want to burn these on CD ASAP since I am not renewing
  3. 2013gs4lt

    What Happen To Photoshows

    I hit the download button and the process started but it never said where it was going to download them to. I have no clue what folder they went into for windows 7. do you know
  4. 2013gs4lt

    What Happen To Photoshows

    I have been a member for a year and have many photoshows I want to keep but I will not be renewing this year. What will happen to all my photoshows since the software never did make an MP4 out of them and send it to me via e-mail or even offered to put them on a DVD. Please advise. Thanks