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    Can I Record My Xbox 360 On My Imac?

    Thank you very much. I had looked at this before and wasn't sure whether it would work because it says, "Minimum Requirements". I have been reading several forums concerning this topic, and was wondering because a lot of them were saying that the mac wasn't working. I didn't know whether or not they were talking about the card not being able to record the mac or if OSX just isn't compatible with the Roxio Game Capture HD Pro.
  2. ServusBellator

    Can I Record My Xbox 360 On My Imac?

    I am a fairly new person when it comes to software concerning PC's and Mac's. My question is this; Am I able to record my xbox360 through the use of the roxio game capture hd pro onto my iMac to then post to youtube? The iMac has OSX 7 and is up to date on everything. I am not looking to record the screen of the Mac itself, but rather I want to know if I can use the iMac to record my xbox360 using the Roxio HD Pro.