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  1. Fred Widdowson

    Conversion Time

    Yesterday the entire one hour process was completed but only 23 minutes showed on the video. Today, the error message about there being a problem showed up at varying intervals. So far, the only DVD that was worked has been the one with 23 minutes on it. I will try it again only this time to my hard drive first.
  2. Fred Widdowson

    Conversion Time

    I thought this would be really simple. I plugged in my VHS, monitored the playback, put in a blank Memorex DVD and watched it all the way through the recording process but when it finished it has been 3 hours and counting and the "Finishing, This May Take Several Minutes," is still going. I also received a popup that there was trouble recording to the DVD. So, what is the big secret that I'm missing here? How long is a DVD supposed to take to complete once its been recorded? Thanks.