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    Thanks for your help. This isn't a movie. It's just some information I want to put on CD. I have copied 12 different ones already with no problems. Then the next one, problems started. Nothing changed. Had already copied this particular DVD. Used the same type of CD's. Nothing changed. Then all of a sudden I get a message that says, CD-ROM XA or Audio tracks cannot be written to DVD. I don't understand it. I need to copy these. Apparently there is no support from Roxio. Have spent my morning trying to get help. If I can't resolve this, will have to get a refund. I just purchased this yesterday. I don't like a product without support. If you can help me, I would appreciate it. Thanks a bunch. Sandy
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    Can someone please tell me what a DVDRAM is? And also, I'm copying from a type like that, to a CD. I have tried to copy using multiple drives, but it says I have to have the same DVD in the drives. If I don't use that feature, it copies to a CD just fine. Help? Thanks a ton. Sassay