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  1. I have Windows 7, and use Roxio Creator pro 11 on a Dell XPS 8300 with an intel i7-2600 with 16 Gb Ram with a AMD Radeon HD 6700 graphics card and running the sound through a Roland Octocapture box. I have made a lot of use of the Videowave/myDVD combo to put together slideshows. It has worked very well. Last month I did the audio recording of a concert and synched it with a video recording - using Adobe Premiere. I transferred six individual songs to Videowave and incorporated titles and transitions there, and then rendered as an mpeg. As I have done with slideshows, I then opened up my DVD and changed the background audio and title page. I then inserted chapter breaks. Unfortunately, no matter what I tried, the video lost its audio/video synch. (I was running no other programs when I did this work and made my attempts to render a working final copy) In the end, the solution that worked was to go back to Adobe and complete the finished product there. I find that it is has a couple of limitations relative to Roxio and it was more difficult to work with, but at least it worked flawlessly in terms of what actually counted - the audio video synch. It looks like I am not the only person to have run into this type of problem. It would be nice to know if there is a solution to it. Fortunately, I have another program that had no difficulties with synching and the person who I did the work for was quite happy with the end product. If someone can answer, my questions would be - "Is there a way to get Roxio to accomplish this task?" and "Why is Roxio incapable of doing something which Adobe Premiere handles with ease?" Any help would be appreciated. Ed