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    No Signal No Profiles

    I have everything set up correctly i can see the image on my TV but on the software it says No Signal and it doesn't show any profiles in the general tab when I open options SOMEONE PLEASE HELP
  2. I dont know where CD is but I DO have my key for installing it. I have heard of one time downloads but I dont know where to get one please help.
  3. VirtualDub and I Tried XSplit but that one costs money and... I am on a budget XD
  4. Hello, I am sorry if this is in the wrong place I am not very good with forums. OKAY So,I got my Roxio Game Capture HD Pro a few weeks ago and the software DOES NOT work. When ever I plug in my RGC HD Pro device into my laptop the software crashes when I press Capture. But when the RGC HD Pro isnt plugged into my Laptop the Capture mode DOES work. This is very frustrating and I have searched all over for solutions. After a while, I i just resorted to using another software... Could not find any others.I have countlessly uninstalled and re installed with and without firewall on. I have also repaired with and without firewall on I really want a solution and or another program that SHOULD work with the RGC HD Pro device. Please Help. I will post my Log Files if needed. If what I said makes not sense to you here is an example <3 RGC HD Pro is plugged in, Capture mode does NOT work RGC HD Pro is NOT plugged in, Capture mode DOES work