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  1. When I wrote the original post, I was unable to find any trace of the original down loadable program on my windows 8 laptop computer. Because I am new to windows 8, I assumed I was doing something wrong. Thank you for your rapid response. After posting my comments on the forum, I spent several hours trying to figure out how to copy a program from the hard drive to a DVD. Here is a step by step procedure I followed. I was given two options when I started to download the program. Run or Save... I saved program IC49CXD1ECD.exe on my computer hard drive figuring that it would be on my hard drive to save to a DVD after I installed the program on my computer. I have not checked every aspect of the program however, the program seems to be running fine. After I managed to figure out how to save the program to a DVD. I viewed the contents of the DVD and found three programs listed. Roxio folder Desktop Configuration Settings File Folder RoxioEasyCDandDVDBurning_LC49CXD1...Application 1,799.075.. I assume the RoxioEasyCDandDVDBurning...LC49CXD1..Application is the back-up program I can use If for some reason I need to reload the program in my computer and that the program contains all the necessary start up programs? Is that correct? I am reluctant to delete the program on my computer and try the back up program to see if it will work Is there another way to test the backup program? Bill
  2. After downloading and installing Roxio Easy CD & DVD Save to my Windows 8 laptop computer, I tried to save a back up copy of the program. NO LUCK. When I tried to buy a back up CD, from the Roxio store, Roxio told me there is no back up copy available. I would have to request a refund and buy hard copy version of the program. Can anyone tell me how to save a back up copy of the program I downloaded to my computer? Bil