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  1. Ok, thanks for taking the time to answer
  2. What I use: MacBP...Maverick 10.9.3 Had various versions of Toast over the years, but first time using Toast and HD/Blu Ray Plug ins. Simply put: what kinds of files can one use that are compatible with the HD menu choice on T 11? Example: I have Vimeo Plus. Plus allows a film clip in SD to be automatically upgraded to HD quality. I have about 10 clips. They have all been uploaded via Vimeo Plus. They now have HD quality. Most run at the most, 3 minutes. The longest is 5 minutes. Let's say I want to burn the 5 minute HD clip using he HD pull down. Can I do that? And if I could, could that burned disc be played in a DVD player, or only on a computer? As I said simpleton question, and I am simply trying to understand what my options and limitations are, using these plugs, and what source material I can use. I understand from the kind and thorough responses from the community, that I can not burn a 90 minute 6.5GB HD film clip and played it on a Blu Ray disc player. Can I at least burn/copy of that 90 minute 6.5 HD film file onto a duel layer 8.5 disc, and play it in my MacBook Pro, or any computer for that matter??? Thank you all for any help in clarifying this matter.
  3. It helps, and too bad, I can't transfer it to a disc. Of course I can watch it on my MBP with all the HD clarity. Too bad. SD sucks after one has been conditioned viewing years of HD/Blu Ray discs. BUT BUT BUT. So I take it the HD and Blu Ray options in the pull down menu are for short films, shot on a camcorder for instance, running no longer than what? 30 minutes?? Not a dvd ripped on Handbreak or Wondershare Video Converter? I'll ask the community this question,in case no one answers this query. Thanks all
  4. There have been some very wonderful responses from the community over my constant inquires on this matter. but I'm still not getting it, and I went to Harvard. So let me try again. I took a freshly release DVD in SD, and then converted it to HD quality via Wondershare Video Converter Pro. Ok, now I have a film file with HD quality sitting on my MacBook Pro, Maverick OS, desk top. It's size is 6.5 GB. All I want to do is take that film file, into Toast 11 ( with plug-ins installed) and burn/copy it to a 8.5 DVD disc. I'm not talking Blu-Ray, I don't care about Blu Ray, all I want to do is transfer that film file into the disc. Can I do it? And what setting should I use. If the film file is 6.5 GB, and the Duel Layer DVD is 8.5 GBs, I don't see why I can't burn it, and play it in my Blu Ray DVD player. Thank you again.
  5. Thank you so much for a complete and thorough answer. Beyond the call of duty, and I appreciate your time.
  6. prez

    Toast And Dl Burning. Confused

    While I am not new to toast, I am new to DL burning. Was told I had to divide a 90 minute HD film file into two DL disc? Huh?? What is the point of buying 8.5 GB DVD discs, if you can't use the whole disc to burn a file that is about 6.5 GB? If someone can explain in easy to understand English how I can burn this 6.5 HD film file onto one disc, most appreciative. I use a MacB Pro, and the OS is Maverick, 10.9.3. I have the HD/Blu plug ins. Also if one can explain the SAVE IMAGE TO DISC option to regular burning, I thank you for that too.
  7. Oh no.....are you saying I can't fit an entire one and twenty five minute hd film clip onto a 8.5gb DVD?? Doesn't make sense. Why can't that 8.5 GB disc take the shoe enchilada? Thanks
  8. Thanks for answering...the length of the film file is about 1 hour 25 minutes. Is this too long to burn? It is a HD film file that was converted from SD on Wondershare Video Converter Pro Yes, I did choose HD before burning. I used a double layer 8.5 dvd disk. Ah...never used "save as Disk image." If you would be so kind as to answer if the length of the film file prevents from burning. Thanks again
  9. OS: MBP...Maverick 10.9.3 I've had Toast for over ten years, but just upgraded to Toast 11, and bought the Blu-Ray/HD plug ins. Tried to burn a 6.5 GB film file on to a double layer dvd disc. It failed in the "write" stage, and seem to blame my MacBook Pro internal workings. Took about 6 hours. First off, is 6 hours common? If not, what might I be doing wrong Has anyone burned a film file of with that many GB on a MBP? Thanks you for all and any answers
  10. Ok, thanks for answering my question. I appreciate it
  11. A bit confused with the $20 plug ins. If some could explain, much appreciated. First off I have Toast 11 and just upgraded to latest version. Question : 1. Does T11 allow me to burn a disc with HD quality as part of the software package, or do I need a plug in for that? 2. If I want to burn a disc so it plays in Blu-Ray, I understand I have to buy a blu-ray plug in. If so, is it as easy as installing it on my MacBook Pro? And if this is the path, once installed, do I simply select it from the pull down menu in T11, and it will burn as Blu Ray because the plug-in is plugged in? If this is not so, tell me how to go about buying a blu ray plug in, and how T 11 will recognize it? Lastly, where do I purchase the plug in? Essentially what do I need to burn a disc as an HD, and a Blu-Ray? Thanks for any an all help. My OS: Maverick. 10.9.3
  12. Two Questions: 1.My HD film file is 6.5 GB. I will burn it onto dvd duel layer disc that holds 8 gb. What setting to I set to burn it on Toast 11? DVD L? 2. To save money, I understand T11 allows you to burn a file that is over the standard 4.7 DVD limit. As in my case: a film file at 6.5. How do I burn it onto a 4.7 dvd disc? What setting, etc. Very much appreciate an answer. I use a MPB, OS: Maverick 10.9.3 (latest update)
  13. Thanks for the reply. I know Vimeo ( if you upgrade) will convert, as with Wondershare Converter. Though maybe Toast did too.