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    Multiple Problems With Pc Capture

    So iv been trying to solve this problem myself for the past 3 days by using my knowledge and the roxio forums, but im not getting anywhere. So iv decided to post my problem today, and to get it solved il be giving a ton of info as well as pictures so please try to follow along. First off please note the following, I have setup the Roxio HD via hdmi for PC capture correctly and i can capture the footage. the setup is Roxio hdmi output to graphics card and input to my Hdmi monitor (HP 2310m) 1080p 60Hz. The first problem i run into JUST by having everything setup is that the roxio will make the display bigger than the monitor (see picture) ....Then il go into the Catalyst Control Center and change the scaling to fit my screen (see picture) ....Now one of the problems im having after i scale the screen is similar to this http://forums.suppor...he-passthrough/ ......for me there is a quality loss that you cant really see through picture, youd have to be sitting right here like me....to describe it the best is that before i set up the roxio (just hdmi to gpu and monitor) the 1080p quality is what it should look like, beautiful, clear , vivid picture but with the Roxio setup the 1080p turns into a blurry dull not bright looking quality....iv haved changed settings on my monitor, my GPU, and my roxio but im always getting that bad 1080p roxio quality........the next problem i ran into is that after im done using my computer and take it off and turn it on later il get a popup on my monitor that the input signal is out of range and i have to set the display to 1080p, the roxio will forcefully change my resolution to 720p hd and to fix it i have to remove the roxio and setup the standard setup (hdmi going to monitor and pc) and then change my resolution on there, replug the roxio and all its cords then i have to scale the screen since it gets to big like i said in my first problem.........please help this is driving me crazy...iv have used different HDMI cords, i have powerfull uninstalled the software and reinstalled...and tried splitters and probably everything on here and ive gotten no where....thanks to whoever helps
  2. mrcnarine

    Hdmi Setup For Pc

    that would require me to get a 3rd hdmi correct?
  3. mrcnarine

    Hdmi Setup For Pc

    So ive had the Roxio HD pro for while ,and I already know how bad it is with its many problems, however iv been able to fix everything on my own and get it working for consoles, i recently built a pc and wanted to game on one computer with one monitor and record it on another computer with another monitor, so this is how i have it set up.......hdmi #1 plugged into Gaming pc's graphics card going to Roxio hdmi Input, hdmi #2 going from Roxio hdmi output to Gaming Monitor HDMI slot, REGULAR computer has Roxio device plugged in with software and drivers (updated) ......now when attempting to capture...REGULAR pc with regular monitor boots fine , GAMING pc doesn't have any display just a blue screen, when opening roxio software display is still blue....i tried the usual powerful uninstall of the software and drivers, and the usual install with antivirus disabled, but ive been using the product since release and im pretty sure i know what im doing that side. however i cant seem to get the pc capture working iv attached a diagram of the setup .